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Artificial intelligence offers an unprecedented opportunity to solve complex public-sector challenges — and transform government. In our new Innovation In Government® report, experts discuss how to democratize data science, add context to data, build public trust in AI, and tap the power of cloud and open-source technology.


  • The Story of DragonBot: RPA Can Do Science

    With public interest in machine learning and automation technology reaching a fever pitch, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a hot topic. There is a perception that RPA tools and techniques are only fit for simple and repetitive tasks. Carahsoft and the partners at Black Cape had an opportunity to test this hypothesis - can RPA do more complex analysis, specifically data science? Download the Black Cape resource.

  • Machine Learning in Government: Saving Time, Money and Maybe Even the World

    Discover the examples and guidance that underscore the sheer extent of ML’s potential impact for the government. While this technology won’t protect lives or save the world in every single application … it will in some cases. And it’s just the beginning. Download the Cloudera resource.

  • Automated Machine Learning Enables Mission Success

    Building powerful models quickly and easily is important, but businesses realize the greatest value when models are integrated into core processes – and this can be difficult for many agencies. DataRobot is a trusted AI partner that can empower your existing team to identify and apply data science as needed or execute portions of your AI vision on your behalf. Download the DataRobot resource.

  • Enterprise Agile and Devops: Visibility, Quality, and Scale to Deliver Value

    Lisa Binford, Solutions Architect, Micro Focus, discusses how you can take some of your agile and devops initiatives and start to scale them from team level to the enterprise level. Agile methodologies are effective at the team level, the challenge remains, what if you have much larger development teams. Listen as Lisa reviews agile at scale challenges, steps to optimize and the benefits of application delivery with Micro Focus. Plus, enjoy an added free demo. Watch the Micro Focus Webcast.

  • The Exponential Strategic Advantage of Artificial Intelligence

    Learn more about the role of open source software in this paradigm and how Red Hat can enable the DoD to leverage machine learning while maintaining control of the data in a world of complex and ever-evolving governmental policies with Chris Sexsmith, Public Sector - Cloud SSP, Red Hat. Watch the Red Hat Webcast.

  • Power to the People: Finding Insights at the Speed of Search

    Today, most agencies have a data team but that team is frequently bogged down in the mundane work of pulling together basic information to answer the never-ending number of questions that come in from business and functional users. What if you could extend the functionality and user comfort with search to the massive data repositories across the government? What if in doing so you could allow everyone with your agency to become a citizen data scientists? ThoughtSpot can answer these questions. Download the ThoughtSpot resource.

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