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The public increasingly demands a seamless, digital government experience, especially in times of crisis. By shifting the focus to customers, agencies can enhance their ability to achieve missions and ultimately improve lives. Industry experts from Adobe, ServiceNow, Genesys, Okta, Nuance and Salesforce discuss the role that cloud, automation, cutting-edge security techniques and empowered employees play in providing superior customer service.


  • Email Best Practices for Government

    Agencies who modernize their email communications can help more people access more services, while serving the unique needs of many at scale, all in the name of delivering on their missions. So, how do you get started with modernizing your email strategy? Download the Adobe resource.

  • U.S. Census Modernized

    Hear from Stephen Buckner, Assistant Director of Communications, U.S. Census Bureau, on what the 2020 Census is about and how the Census Bureau modernized their digital services to deliver a people-driven experience. Watch the Adobe webcast.

  • Modernizing Government Agencies to Better Serve Citizens

    The emergence of the digital citizen is an opportunity for agencies to transform their reputations and change the way services are delivered. Discover how digital transformation can modernize citizen experiences, streamline processes, protect against threats, empower employees and much more! Download the ServiceNow resource.

  • The Customer Experience Perspective

    Businesses should evaluate their current customer service approach and embark on a journey to ensure that they are steering their leaders and their enterprise in the right direction. The research in this whitepaper is geared towards this journey; C-level executives were asked about the five core categories our experts identified as key to a successful customer service operation. Some of their answers may surprise you. Download ServiceNow resource.

  • The Power of AI

    Strong customer service is essential for public and private organizations looking to foster loyalty and trust and deliver the best experience possible. Artificial intelligence can help them achieve this. Discover the tools and automation available to help agencies deliver the promise of better customer service. Download the Genesys resource.

  • The AI Powered Citizen Journey

    Optimizing the experience of citizens engaging with government agencies requires examining every moment of the interaction, the way those moments connect to create an impression and the unfolding of the ongoing experience. During this session, hear how government workers supported by AI technology deliver digital efficiency to citizens – with a human touch. Watch the Genesys webcast.

  • CMS and Okta Case Study

    In 2015, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) collaborated with the U.S. Digital Service (USDS) to build the Quality Payments Program (QPP) interface, centered around shifting U.S. healthcare to a value-based payment model and away from traditional fee-for-service. Learn about the challenges CMS faced and why they chose Okta to manage identity and access. Download the Okta resource.

  • The Identity Standard for IT Modernization. Deliver Better, More Secure Workforce and Citizen Experiences.

    While government agencies recognize the need to adopt new technologies to better support and secure their workforces and constituents, they’re faced with unique challenges such as decades’ worth of legacy technologies, processes not built for the digital age and a prohibitive legislative budgeting cycle. Download the Okta resource.

  • Voice Engagement For Government

    Population’s expectations are high—by 2020, 85 percent of citizens believe a voice-based virtual assistant with advanced functionality would be beneficial to navigate government services. That means increased expectations for you to provide the kind of effortless, conversational voice experiences people love in your engagement channels. So where do you start with your voice transformation? You guessed it—your IVR. Download the Nuance resource.

  • Understanding NLU – The Foundation of Conversational AI

    The future of customer engagement will be defined by AI, as intelligent machines learn to interact with customers in natural, two-way conversations that span channels. NLU is the technology at the heart of conversational AI. Learn more about NLU solutions—and how they can help you deliver intelligent customer engagements. Download the Nuance resource.

  • Salesforce for Emergency Response Management

    Governments around the world are being called upon to provide a comprehensive, timely and effective response to the COVID-19 outbreak. This response requires a wide-range of interdisciplinary and intergovernmental actions including communications, coordination, reporting, tracking and treatment. Learn more about emergency response management platforms. Download the Salesforce resource.

  • Emergency Response Management Webcast

    Governments around the world are being called upon to respond to a variety of emergencies made apparent by the current health crisis. Salesforce is honored to stand with you by bringing our technology subject matter expertise into solutions that streamline processes, simplify insight, enable faster response times and maximize overall effectiveness. Watch the Salesforce webcast.