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IT modernization has become an integral part of mission success for all government agencies. Leaders recognize that they cannot take full advantage of technology advances such as artificial intelligence, cloud and the internet of things until they revamp their IT operations.


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  • Support Modern Applications with Dell Technologies Cloud

    It’s important to chart out a strategy that provides an orderly transition to a new model. A plan has to enable the preservation of existing application investments while adopting new technologies in an incremental fashion. Examine a few considerations for a successful IT strategy to adopt modern applications. Download Now

  • Leaders In Innovation: Cloud Edition

    To understand just how far agencies have come over almost 10 years with moving to the cloud, it’s not about numbers or savings or even governance. It’s about how agencies are impacting mission by understanding what belongs in the cloud, what should stay on-premise and how the hybrid environment works best for the agency. Download Now

  • Compliance Regulation and the Impact of Frameworks from Around the World

    Despite the growing challenges, cybersecurity doesn’t have to be paralyzing. Security professionals can take comfort in knowing there are ways to simplify and manage the complexities of cybercrime and regulation. Learn how you can build and maintain an information security program that grows with your company and helps you understand and act on some of the most stringent global regulations. Download Now

  • Cloud Solution Brief: Data Center Modernization

    The job of modernizing the data center requires the tight orchestration of a wide range of services, including compute, storage, networking, security and cloud management. The more consistent the underlying infrastructure, the more seamlessly these services work together to deliver the benefits of cloud deployment. That’s exactly what VMware provides. Download Now

  • Data Center Transformation Services

    Data center consolidation and modernization projects are complex and infrequent initiatives. Without proper planning and vigilant execution, they have the potential to significantly impact business and IT operations, service levels, and finances. Discover how your agency can accelerate modernization while minimizing risk. Download Now

  • Detect and Stop Advanced Threats Faster to Reduce Security Risk

    Cybersecurity professionals are responsible for threat prevention, detection and response. Threat prevention depends upon decreasing the attack surface with proper security hygiene activities, but that isn’t always enough, as adversaries can circumvent these defenses with simple changes to evade signature-based detection. Download Now

  • Five Things to Know about Mastering the Cloud

    In this guide for federal agencies, learn more about the five things needed to master the cloud. Discover how: the short history of cloud computing has been interesting and uneven; a more flexible and agile vision of the cloud is emerging; ideas come to life through applications; understanding the challenges of cloud computing is simple, but realizing them isn’t as straightforward; and consistent infrastructure operations are the key to success wherever workloads are deployed. Download Now

  • Innovations, Data and Security are Driving Digital Transformation in the Intelligence Community

    Bad actors are constantly looking for ways to attack your organization. They hunt for vulnerabilities on websites, on exposed servers in the cloud, and in other systems and services that are connected directly to the internet that are not actively monitored or that have little to no protection. Download Now

  • Modernizing Government IT

    In this eBook, discover the five best practices to speed federal digital transformation with cloud-native integration, including iPaaS, the weak link of legacy integration, modernizing government with speed and agility, and much more. Download Now

  • Secure Managed Cloud Solutions That Power Public Sector IT Transformation

    In the quest to transform IT, public sector organizations continue to seek ways to migrate applications to the cloud and improve the constituent experience. Numerous cloud options exist, as does the potential for roadblocks. Download Now

  • The Perfect Storm Behind the Rise of AI

    The ideas behind AI are not new. However, three elements have come together to create a perfect storm and push AI to the forefront. Companies like Dell have helped commoditize computing and put it in the hands of government, companies and consumers. Learn more about modernizing your IT to unlock AI. Download Now

  • The Cloud Era Requires Cloud-Ready Cyber Policies

    As federal agencies accelerate their effort to move data, applications and services to the cloud, they often run into an obstacle: Their existing cyber policies and processes were developed with a physical IT infrastructure in mind, not the virtual infrastructure that is the basis of so many modern solutions. Ethan Palmer, Senior Pre-Sales Solutions Engineer, VMware GEH Team, Carahsoft, highlights four security policies that agencies should consider. Download Now

  • Enterprise Integration Platform Accelerates Modernization

    One of the most pressing IT issues in most agencies is the concept of technical debt, with agencies continuing to be constrained by their reliance on outdated legacy systems. How can they bridge that gap between legacy systems and modern platforms? That’s where the concept of integration platform as a service (iPaaS) comes in. iPaaS is a cloud-based service that integrates applications, data and processes across different cloud and on-premises platforms. Alan Lawrence, Vice President for Federal at Boomi, identifies three key use cases for iPaaS. Download Now