Recognizing that no cloud is the best solution for every workload, federal agencies are turning to multi-cloud environments to manage enterprises. Leveraging a mix of public and private clouds provides the flexibility organizations need to manage disparate workloads in ways that meet specific needs, whether it’s the enhanced security of sensitive data and operations or the ability to quickly analyze data to inform critical decision-making. Lacking a robust common platform, however, multi-cloud environments can potentially create as many challenges as they solve. The right cloud platform is one that coordinates data and applications across multiple clouds, increase efficiency, reduces costs, advances modernization and agencies’ missions, and decreases the onus on IT teams to maintain legacy systems.

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  • Cloud Platforms and Human Capital

    The right cloud platform solution can streamline and better manage applications, processes and security – and alleviate work demands on IT teams. Learn how the right solution can ease the strain on federal IT talent. Download Now

  • Modernization: Gain Without Pain?

    What new cost and performance issues are likely to arise with a new cloud native app? Does agency staff possess the needed cloud service skills? How will they troubleshoot and monitor? Does security have everything required to allow this new paradigm? Discover a path to a better hybrid cloud. Download Now

  • Hybrid Migration: Using multiple clouds, agencies can maximize return on cloud investments

    This thought-leadership whitepaper reviews the advantages of a hybrid cloud for federal agencies, the obstacles to look out for, and how to ultimately drive hybrid cloud’s promise and potential. Download Now

  • Launchpad to the Cloud

    The right platform can incorporate within federal IT systems both legacy applications and apps that haven’t yet been created, while controlling costs, minimizing refactoring, streamlining migrations and advance modernization goals. Learn more in your free whitepaper. Download Now

  • Deploying SQL Server on vSAN for Dummies

    Microsoft® SQL Server® 2016 delivers high performance–but storage-intensive workloads aren’t a good match for traditional infrastructure. From vendor and device restrictions to complicated management, running workloads on hardware alone is no longer practical. "Deploying SQL Server on vSAN™️ for Dummies®" offers strategies for upgrading your infrastructure to better match the needs one of your most critical applications. Download Now

  • Taneja Group: When Comparing Cloud Alternatives, for the Best TCO Leverage VMware Cloud Foundation

    It’s undeniable that cloud has impacted both businesses and IT by creating new levels of IT agility, optimizing operations and driving innovation. Delivering new possibilities to organizations of all sizes and across the globe, we know the public cloud is here to stay. However, with multiple options available, such as private, public, and hybrid cloud deployments, which cloud approach makes the most sense for your business? Recently, the Taneja Group examined the relative costs and advantages of four different cloud infrastructure approaches: private or on-premises clouds, public cloud, and combined hybrid cloud deployment. Download this report to determine what cloud approach will provide the greatest advantage for your business. Download Now

  • The Business Value of Hybrid Cloud with VMware

    IDC spoke with organizations that have deployed enterprise applications in a VMware Hybrid Cloud environment to understand the impact on their IT and business operations. Download the full report to discover how current VMware customers were able to achieve strong value from upgrading their IT infrastructures with VMware Hybrid Cloud solutions. Download Now

  • The Total Economic Impact of VMware vSAN

    It’s a fact—IT teams who haven’t yet implemented a hyperconverged infrastructure face significant cost and complexity issues related to managing legacy, aging SAN storage arrays--often driving organizations to evaluate modern solutions that can keep up with the demands of the business. In July 2019, Forrester Consulting interviewed a number of VMware customers to better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with their investment in VMware vSAN. Read the Total Economic Impact study to learn how their findings and framework can help you demonstrate, justify and realize tangible value of vSAN when it’s time for your next refresh. Download Now

  • Five Things to Know About Mastering the Cloud: A Guide for Federal Agencies

    The short history of cloud computing has been interesting and uneven. Today, a more flexible and agile vision of the cloud is emerging – one that will help agencies solve problems and control costs while adhering to strict standards of privacy and security. This new cloud approach offers developers and operation teams the consistency and portability to focus on developing solutions rather than reskilling. VMware® Cloud Foundation™️ provides the consistent infrastructure that enables agencies to quickly scale, migrate workloads securely, and decouple applications from infrastructure. With VMware, agencies can leverage existing investments and drive their cloud roadmaps at their own pace. Download Now