BlackBerry® cybersecurity solutions, driven by Cylance® AI, protect federal high-value assets (HVAs) with endpoint AI that evolves daily, preventing cyberattacks from ever being successful. Proactive protection across endpoints, workspaces, and identities is delivered within a Zero Trust architecture, with Zero Touch user experience.

Traditional antivirus typically uses a signature-based model that relies on capturing new viruses in the wild and creating a master list of malware for users to download. This approach makes organizations especially vulnerable to zero-day attacks and threats that alter themselves too quickly for signature updates. BlackBerry® Protect, driven by Cylance AI, provides a different approach to endpoint security.

Cylance AI has been trained to identify common attributes of malicious files, accurately identifying malware that has never been seen before, on average 25 months in advance of being seen in the wild.* BlackBerry Protect shields clients from attacks like DarkSide, HAFNIUM, REvil, and ChaChi, which effectively halted the operations of millions of organizations worldwide.

Learn more about proven end-to-end BlackBerry cybersecurity solutions, optimized to serve government requirements, and designed to securely manage endpoints and protect sensitive data with military-grade encryption.

*SE Labs Intelligent Testing, Predictive Malware Response Test, March 2018 – include supporting asset: Artificial Intelligence: The Platform of Choice

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