Contract Leadership Articles

  • Speeding Modernization with help from ITES contracts

    Federal agencies have gotten the message: IT modernization is critical. Without modern infrastructure and tools, it’s much more difficult to meet mission requirements and citizen demands. But in today’s world, it’s not enough. Agencies committed to innovation, cybersecurity and meeting the pace of change are moving to the next level, embracing technologies and processes that will allow them to meet changing mission requirements, better serve citizens, remain fully secure and keep costs under control. >

  • Cybersecurity: A Moving Target

    Over the past few months, it has been virtually impossible to avoid news of state-sponsored cyberattacks on federal agencies. While the attacks started last spring, they were not discovered until December of 2020. During that time, highly sophisticated hackers infiltrated the networks of both public and private organizations through a software update—something that had rarely, if ever, been seen before. >

  • IoT+Edge Computing+5G: A Winning Combination

    Agencies are quickly discovering the virtually limitless possibilities of technologies like IoT, 5G connectivity and edge computing. Deployed and used correctly, these cutting-edge technologies promise to provide real-time actionable information, which agencies can use to avoid situational or mechanical downtime, better manage assets, protect public health and safety, along with generally improving efficiency and saving money. >

  • Federal Workforce Mobility: Here to Stay

    While federal agencies have embraced telework since the early 2000’s, nothing could have prepared them for the massive shift to remote work last year when the pandemic hit. If the message was unclear prior to 2020, it’s clear now: remote work can be just as productive as onsite work, and it can drastically improve employee job satisfaction. >

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