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Cloud technology has become indispensable for mission success in all areas, which underscores the need for innovative, comprehensive approaches to multi-cloud management. To make the most of the technology, agencies must become more strategic about developing, monitoring and evolving their multi-cloud ecosystems.


  • Understanding Hybrid Cloud With AWS

    From startups to the largest enterprises and leading government agencies, the cloud is used for almost every kind of workload. But some workloads cannot easily migrate to the cloud. Perhaps they need to work with large local datasets, share data with on-premises applications with single-digit-millisecond latency, or meet data residency requirements. In these use cases, constantly passing data to and from the cloud is too slow, too resource intensive or not permitted. Download this informative whitepaper to find out how others are meeting their cloud demands. Download the resource

  • Accelerate Your Agency’s Digital Transformation

    Digital transformation is imperative for all organizations. And while many are moving in that direction, a recent Dell Technologies study shows that 89% of organizations feel they’re lagging. This is also true at the federal level. Government agencies are relied upon to lead. You must operate at the cutting edge of technology if you want to drive innovation and encourage citizen confidence. Download this whitepaper to learn how you can effectively transform on your terms. Download the resource

  • The ROI of a Network Digital Twin

    The Network is the heart of modern business. When it goes down, all work — and revenue generation—stops. However, time-consuming processes such as trouble-shooting and path searches, can now be completed in seconds. Most Fortune 500 companies have global networks with tens of thousands of devices from dozens of vendors running billions of lines of code spanning on-premises and multiple public clouds. At this scale, it’s impossible for any engineering team to keep “a mental map” of this environment. Download this whitepaper to learn how a "network digital twin" can deliver actionable information to avoid outages and other unintended consequences. Download the resource

  • 5 Ways Google Can Help You Succeed in the Multi-cloud World

    Running your business in the cloud is good, but can running on multiple clouds be better? Limiting yourself to a single cloud stack can come at a significant cost. Instead of taking advantage of the unique capabilities of every cloud, you face the limitations of proprietary systems. Rather than uncovering more insights with best-of-breed tools, siloed data and data gravity slow down your analysis. Where there could be resilience that comes from entirely different systems, there is concentrated risk. These are big tradeoffs to make in exchange for the simplicity of running on just one cloud. Download this whitepaper to learn five reasons to partner with Google Cloud on your multi-cloud journey. Download the resource

  • Multi-Cloud Management Solution Accelerates Hybrid Service Fulfillment

    Delivering hybrid or multi-cloud services for a large enterprise is complex but critical work. That makes multi-cloud management a technology control point for IT Operations teams that need to deliver faster. Cloud and on-premises resource requests constantly arise from IT, every business unit and from application development teams. The challenge is how best to help IT transition fulfillment of resource requests from a project basis to an on-demand designed service approach. Download this informative whitepaper to discover the solution to multi-cloud management. Download the resource

  • Microsoft Best Practices for Securing your Remote Workforce

    With the spread of COVID-19 throughout the world, millions of people have moved to remote work. Enabling a team to work remotely is an ongoing challenge that looks different for every organization depending on their size, industry and stage of digital transformation. Download this whitepaper to learn best practices for maintaining a healthy and secure network. Download the resource

  • The Global Trust Imperative

    Understanding more about customer expectations of and experiences with government digital service delivery provides insight into how it may affect their trust in the government. Building on biennial surveys from 2014 to present, this report explores customer data and ways governments can deliver more personalized and user-friendly services. Such an approach has benefits for both government and its customers. Download this informative research to learn the benefits of improving the customer experience. Download the resource

  • Cloud MIXR: Secure, Monitor and Optimize Your Complex Multi-Cloud Environments

    As cloud deployments in private and public sectors grow in both size and complexity, it has become increasingly harder to identify security threats. Threats come in multiple sources including people, cloud infrastructure and software. Given today's increased volume and variety of data, measuring an organization's overall threat posture is an extremely challenging task. Monitoring all aspects of multi-cloud environments for threats surrounding cloud infrastructure, system users and outside influencers can be difficult. Download this whitepaper to learn the best ways to secure, monitor and optimize your complex multi-cloud environments. Download the resource

  • Application Monitoring for On-premises, Hybrid, and Multi-cloud Environments

    Applications live everywhere within government and education organizations—on-premises, in the cloud (AWS®/GovCloud, Azure®, Google®, Cloud.gov), or in some combination of these. Yet, no matter where your applications live, they still need to be monitored for performance and optimization. How can you successfully monitor all your applications, no matter where they are? Let’s look first at the application monitoring challenges organizations face, then at how government and education IT pros can overcome these challenges with one integrated solution. Download this whitepaper to learn more. Download the resource

  • The New Economics of Cloud Storage

    First-generation cloud storage providers often offer confusing tiered storage services. Each storage tier is intended for a specific type of data, and has distinct performance characteristics, SLAs and pricing plans, with complex fee structures. These providers also impose extra fees for transferring data out and for API requests. Learn how to slash costs, boost performance and eliminate complexity by downloading this informative whitepaper. Download the resource