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In today’s multifaceted IT environment, government agencies face a multiplying set of diverse missions, including nailing down cybersecurity, managing data and cloud resources, maximizing customer experience, and supporting workforce needs. Carahsoft and Salesforce provide insight on how to handle all of these concerns, as well as helping manage COVID-19 emergency response data and logistics, with Salesforce and other resources.


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  • Government Leader Book of Best Practices

    We find that a number of best practices tend to surface from Trailblazers' collective experience with the cloud — best practices we frequently capture in a format that makes the perfect “to-do” list for departments and agencies looking to modernize services, transform the mission and meet the demands of today’s digital era. And we’ve collected them all in this eBook. Download the eBook

  • Vaccine Management Datasheet

    Securely manage vaccine administration at scale. Enable governments and public health organizations to mobilize, manage and scale vaccine operations, from registration and scheduling to inventory management and public health outreach. Download the datasheet

  • Gov Cloud Plus Datasheet

    The U.S. Government and government contractors are faced with unique challenges: managing numerous legacy systems, rising citizen expectations, new cybersecurity threats, and adhering to ever changing regulations and compliance requirements. Learn how to empower a customer-centric transformation to build thriving communities and scale mission delivery. Download the datasheet

  • Modernizing the Employee Experience

    Today’s workforce is ever-evolving and constantly adapting to technological advancements. Whether personally or professionally, the modern employee understands the technological landscape and its capabilities. With current work environments that require multiple access points, provide redundant information and create overall frustration when executing simple tasks, employees are starting to demand more. Download the resource

  • CX Guide for Government

    Customers are the lifeblood of government organizations, and to better serve the public, agencies must understand their pain points and how technology can drive better services and engagement. To deliver faster services that maximize organizational productivity and mission impact, teams must assess the skills needed to implement and manage new innovations while carefully weighing the cost of not modernizing. Gain insights from six leaders working to transform government. Download the guide

  • Army Personnel 360 & Post Modern ERP Webinar

    Salesforce supports the Army’s People Strategy with modern capabilities to improve the human capital management lifecycle. With the Salesforce platform, the Army and other branches of the military can leverage the power of a 360-degree view of service members and civilian employees to deliver a seamless experience, from hire to retire. View the Webinar

  • Salesforce for Emergency Response Management

    Responses to pandemics — like COVID-19, natural disasters and other crises — require a wide range of interdisciplinary and coordinated actions including communications, reporting, tracking, treatment, incident management and recovery planning. Salesforce Emergency Response Management solutions enable government agencies, public health organizations and private employers to launch a best-in-class response in a matter of days to accelerate the delivery of stabilization and recovery services for their customers and employees and scale the impact of emergency responders and frontline volunteers. Download the resource

  • Vaccine Management Playbook

    Organizations across the globe are on the cusp of delivering one of the largest mass vaccination campaigns in human history. Whether you’ve begun to administer vaccines or are in the early planning stages, overseeing the process of safely distributing effective COVID-19 vaccines to billions of people is extremely challenging and critically important. From reaching out to your communities, setting up appointments, monitoring inventory, logging and reporting outcomes, and helping to reopen safely, there’s a lot to coordinate and manage. Download the playbook

  • On-Demand Vaccine Management Webinar

    As we begin to see vaccines for COVID-19, much uncertainty remains for the next phase of the pandemic response. Join us to hear how public health agencies are managing this ambiguity —and inoculations — on the cloud, and learn how this work inspired Work.com for Vaccines, Salesforce’s solution to help governments and healthcare organizations coordinate safe and efficient vaccine programs at scale. View the Webinar

  • Return to the Workplace for Aerospace and Government Contractors

    As companies across the globe continue to deal with the current effects of COVID-19, they also face the upcoming task of returning their employees safely to the workplace. Once the spread of coronavirus has been contained, government policies and health strategies will need to transition away from stay-at-home orders and move toward bringing businesses back online and gradually restoring the economy with social distancing measures potentially extending into the foreseeable future. How do aerospace companies and government contractors respond to the variety of challenges faced when approaching the return to the workplace? Download the resource