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The trend toward remote work and cloud-based systems is pushing network perimeters farther out from the data center at a time when attacks are increasing in frequency and intensity. Agencies are looking for ways to secure networks that are as fluid as the cyber world in which they operate and seeking the latest advances in user authentication, data protection and secure collaboration.

In the latest Innovation in Government Report, we explore how agencies can modernize their cybersecurity strategies.


  • Insider Threat Prevention Guide

    Organizations face a broad spectrum of potential risk when they allow trusted individuals to access their facilities and information systems. These risk include theft, physical violence, sabotage, security breaches, and much more. Download this informative whitepaper to learn more about these risks and how to reduce them. Download the resource

  • Gaining the Cyber Edge

    Government and citizen data, and other IT assets, are high-value targets for hackers and other bed actors have a wide range of attack methods at their disposal. Building and maintaining a strong security posture in this rapidly growing and evolving threat landscape is virtually impossible with ad-hoc manual processes, incomplete data, and patchwork of point solutions. Download this whitepaper to learn more about cybersecurity platforms for federal systems integrators. Download the resource

  • Zero Trust in Multi-level Network Environments

    As the recent Executive Order on improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity aims to modernize cybersecurity and better protect federal networks, organizations face significant challenges in building a Zero Trust security model. These challenges include information sharing, assessment, and multi-level networks. In this eBook, readers will learn the best practices for achieving Zero Trust, solutions for a Zero Trust architecture and next steps on achieving Zero Trust. Download the resource

  • Siloed and Poorly Integrated Systems Continue to Undermine Network Security

    Defending against cyber threats has grown continually more challenging not only because of the increase in number, diversity and sophistication of threats, but also due to the complexity of digital estates. Organizations have deployed a variety of systems and tools to both manage and secure their diverse environments often overwhelming IT managers. Download this whitepaper to learn what IT managers believe can solve a wide range of network security challenges. Download the resource

  • The Ultimate Guide to Establishing an Effective Mobile DevSecOps Toolchain

    It’s time for development and security teams to adjust to a mobile-first reality. No longer edge cases in innovation, mobile apps now occupy central roles within enterprise software portfolios. Many organizations today direct their teams to develop mobile apps before they tackle web versions. This push drives many business benefits, but it also increases risk to the enterprise. Download this whitepaper to learn seven smart strategies to reduce friction in the CI/CD pipeline and scale delivery of secure mobile apps. Download the resource

  • Cybersecurity Compliance in Critical infrastructure

    IT executives are often entrusted with the cyber protection of enterprise operations and data, financial status, and reputation. Two main concerns consist of maintaining systems integrity and availability along with ensuring data privacy. While there is plenty of documentation describing what needs to be done, there is far less on how to do it. Download this whitepaper to learn how. Download the resource

  • Zero Trust Data Management

    In the past year, high-profile security breaches have highlight the need for improved cyber security practices in government. Agencies need a modernized and automated approach that goes beyond what legacy data protection can offer. Download this whitepaper to learn more about zero trust data management including best practices, security and availability. Download the resource

  • MITRE Engenuity™ ATT&CK® Evaluation

    While MITRE Engenuity continues to work as a catalyst for cybersecurity innovation, its ATT&CK evaluations provide transparency around the true capabilities of security products. This evaluation is beneficial to end-users as well as the security vendor community. Download this whitepaper to discover how the ATT&CK evaluation works and how vendors compare. Download the resource

  • The Ultimate Guide to Federal IT Compliance

    Gaining a historical perspective on cybersecurity, its importance, and its challenges can provide a broader understanding of one of the federal IT pros greatest challenges. Maintaining compliances is complex, as security standards and requirements are ever changing. Download this informative whitepaper to learn how security standards have evolved and how your organization can stay in compliance. Download the resource

  • Best Practices for Implementing the White House Executive Order on Improving the Nation's Cybersecurity Infrastructure

    The Executive Order signed into effect by President Joe Biden aims to improve the national cybersecurity posture. To accomplish this, the Executive Order outlies steps needed to modernize the governments approach to cybersecurity. Download this whitepaper to learn best practices for improving the Nation's cybersecurity infrastructure including: Zero Trust Architecture, Securing Cloud Services, Supply Chain Security and Multi-Factor Authentication. Download the resource