• Mainframe Makeover

    The complexity of existing business applications and the environment that has grown up around them can limit the potential for innovation. Taking mainframe applications forward and making the mainframe work harder requires a different type of approach to remove a number of constraints. Mainframe modernization is not one of the current “buzz” terms in the government technology sector, but it is fundamental to enacting many of the current Office of Management and Budget (OMB) mandates. Without updating mainframe-based legacy systems, most agencies cannot consolidate their data center environments, move to the cloud to share services or enable the mobile workforce. Mainframes are the foundation for many missions across government, and should remain a topic of discussion as agencies work to innovate and reduce costs in IT. 01/29/2019

  • Cloud: Top 5 Trends for 2019

    We’re dubbing 2019 the year of the cloud. Why? Fueled by the new federal cloud computing strategy, Cloud Smart, agencies are poised to fast-track adoption and breakthrough the burdensome policy barriers that have been holding them back. With knowledge sharing and purchasing flexibility on the rise, the time is now for federal agencies to make their move. But what trends will influence this frenzy of activity the most over the next 12-months? 01/17/2019

  • Protecting the Enterprise: Smart Strategies for Identity and Access Management

    As government modernizes its information technology capabilities, the ability to successfully manage the identities of internal and external users – employees, constituents, contractors, partners, suppliers, et. al. – will be more critical than ever. Many of the advanced and emerging IT tools that improve government’s efficiency and effectiveness also alter the security landscape. 01/16/2019

  • Securing Software Supply Chains

    Today, software development teams are consuming billions of open source components and containerized applications to improve productivity at a massive scale by leveraging open source software supply chains. Learn more in this free presentation! 01/08/2019

  • The Future of Work - Government Jobs of the Future

    Technological advances, demographics, consumers, and talent markets are shaping the future of work, creating threats and opportunities. Learn how government employees and machines can work together to optimize our collective impact. 12/06/2018


  • TSP Account Holders Could Be at Serious Risk in 2019, Here’s Why

    If you have a TSP then please pay close attention. Analysts warn that the biggest crash of our lifetime could be coming....and that’s bad news if you have a TSP. If there’s a major selloff, then your six standard fund options will get clobbered and you will lose significant money.

  • Getting the Best Out of the Federal Acquisition Process

    The federal government buys more than half a trillion goods and services every year, mostly in a fragmented way. There are many ways to improve the government’s purchasing power and processes, including buying smarter, innovating business practices, and modernizing technology and the workers who use it. Read our recap of FCW’s Federal IT Acquisition Summit to learn what federal agencies and their industry partners are saying about the government purchasing landscape.

  • Advanced IT Playbook: Accelerating the Pace of Government

    Government is moving IT operations to the cloud to help agencies deliver services to citizens. Faster computing, scalability, enhanced innovation, greater flexibility and the ability to run simulations are some of the cloud’s benefits that are accelerating the pace and quality of mission attainment. Yet despite the many benefits, shifting operations to the cloud has implications for workplace culture that savvy leaders must address. Learn more in your free IT playbook.

  • Tech Brief: Know Your Unknowns With a Master IP Address List Audit

    Knowing your network is the most foundational step in building a secure organization, but many organizations overlook important edge cases and even mundane events that lead to an incomplete view of their network. Learn the benefits of using a whole-Internet approach to IP address discovery.

  • IT Modernization: Supporting the Agency Journey

    IT modernization is complex, but necessary for government agencies to better serve customers, offer new services, and operate more efficiently. Modernization is a key drivers in the President’s Management Agenda and one of the building blocks for agencies to transform their enterprise by embracing emerging technology, boosting their cyber security posture, and training a workforce of the future. This report highlights the most important aspects and strategies for modernization, as detailed by industry and government leaders at FCW’s annual IT Modernization Summit.