• Could a Hyperconverged Infrastructure Help Your Agency?

    Government agencies have long used 3-Tier architecture to integrate data center technology. But that approach of creating blocks of integrated hardware and software can lead to IT silos within agencies, increased complexity of systems, and more maintenance challenges. Agencies now are looking at the next viable solution, which is hyperconverged infrastructures. HCI is a software-defined approach which further condenses data center infrastructure to be more adaptable and flexible, and allow for better scaling and cloud migration. In this webcast, we will hear from a government IT leader about the benefits – and the challenges – of evolving the infrastructure to a hyperconverged state. 07/25/2018

  • Lessons Learned and Best Practices: Cybersecurity Survey Results Revealed

    Five years after Edward Snowden became a household name, federal decision makers are increasingly confident in their agency’s ability to protect its critical data against cyberattacks, thanks to the elevation of data protection as a top strategic priority. This webinar will discuss findings from a recent survey exploring the opinions and attitudes of federal IT and cybersecurity professionals when it comes to securing their agency’s networks, with advice and practical tips you can begin implementing immediately to protect against threats coming from both inside and outside your agency 07/24/2018

  • DMARC: Don’t Take the Bait on Phishing, Come into Compliance

    Government agencies are a favorite target of hackers, and email the preferred method of intrusion. In fact, phishing via deceptive emails is the most common means of all cyberattacks, according to a recent industry study. And most agencies aren’t doing enough to stop it. In this live webcast you'll learn... 07/18/2018

  • Video On Demand: The Key Principles to Building a Cloud-Architected Infrastructure

    Contemporary business requirements demand cloud storage that delivers operational efficiency, agility and predictable performance. NetApp SolidFire is the foundation for building a next-generation, cloud-architected infrastructure that easily adapts to unpredictable business and applications demands. Achieve the Next-Generation Data Center 07/05/2018

  • Video On Demand: Cloud Volumes Service for AWS - Foundations

    Understanding the fundamentals of cloud can inform a winning cloud strategy. In this video, learn about the architecture of cloud, how to set expectations for cloud services, matching cloud size and service-level objectives and finding the best overall fit. 07/05/2018


  • Fulfill the promise of the cloud

    With the right tools, organizations can migrate to the cloud without sacrificing performance and scale. A pair of services from, Cloud Volumes for AWS and ONTAP Cloud, help federal agencies to secure and seamlessly manage data across environments.

  • 3 Best Practices to get the most out of your Hybrid Cloud

    Hybrid cloud solutions use existing resources to improve functionality and flexibility – without the expense of developing new infrastructure or hiring expensive IT workers. These best practices will maximize the speed, efficiency and security of your hybrid cloud.

  • A Data Fabric Strategy for Govies

    A fundamental challenge of IT modernization is to harness data – distributed, dynamic and diverse – and employ it in ways that will create value across an entire enterprise. NetApp Data Fabric delivers hybrid cloud data services that seamlessly manage data across a diverse spectrum of IT resources.

  • Accelerate Workloads and Analytics

    Microsoft Office 365 and other software-as-a-service solutions can be vulnerable to data loss, security issues and unscheduled downtime. NetApp Cloud Control service provides backup, recovery, business continuity, multi-layer security and simplified management.

  • Master your Hybrid Cloud: Transform your Data into a strategic Asset

    In an era of digital disruption, organizations that successfully harness the power of data will thrive. To begin, make your organization data-centric; control and secure your data in a hybrid cloud; accelerate IT innovation to drive business growth.