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  • Big Data: Leveraging the Power of the Cloud

    As agencies continue to discover new ways to take advantage of Big Data technology and techniques to achieve their missions, the cloud is quickly emerging as the platform of choice, because it offers a secure and effective means of supporting mission-critical applications and related workload. In this event, a federal IT executive will discuss best practices and strategies for leveraging the power of the cloud in Big Data. 12/10/2015

  • A Dual Database Strategy: Changing the Cost-Performance Equation

    Agency IT organizations are under increasing pressure to speed the delivery of IT services while also lowering costs. Unfortunately, many agencies still depend on legacy database systems, which fail to measure up on performance and come with rising maintenance costs. The solution? A dual database strategy. In this webcast, database industry experts will explain how agencies can reduce the risks associated with a wholesale migration to a new database platform while taking advantage of recent technology advances. 12/09/2015

  • How to Beat Data Breaches Through Vulnerability Management

    During the last year, federal agencies and major corporations alike have learned how costly a data breach can be. Fortunately, most data breaches are actually preventable. They occur because they exploit known vulnerabilities with known fixes. They key is vulnerability management. In this webcast, Brian Downey, Senior Director, Security and Compliance, BMC will discuss best practices that can help your agency stay ahead of the many cyber threats and keep your data secure. 12/08/2015

  • Cloud-Ready Operations: Sustainable Cyber Strategies

    To smooth the transition to the cloud, agencies need to have an in-depth cyber strategy that systematically addresses potential vulnerabilities ¬ and that can be applied to cloud implementations across the board. In this webcast, Dr. Michaela Iorga, Senior Security Technical Lead for Cloud Computing at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, will discuss a comprehensive approach to ensuring cloud security that is based on NIST’s Risk Management Framework. 11/19/2015

  • Rethinking Storage Architecture: Reducing Complexity, Managing Costs

    Big data, cloud, mobility, and other key solutions are becoming vital to the operations of federal agencies. But they also have increased the complexity of the IT environment, especially when it comes to storage. In this webcast, Bryan Larish, the Technical Director for Enterprise Connectivity & Specialized IT Services at the National Security Agency (NSA), will discuss strategies for managing the complexity of storage and the larger IT environment while also managing costs -- and improving performance. 11/18/2015


  • Managing Cyber Risk

    The cyber security landscape has become a vast and complex terrain that requires more than a simple check list to maintain. Managing cyber risk is best tackled via an integrated, balanced approach that requires a mix of business acumen and technology. Download this article to learn how at the end of the day you can walk away more confident in your operations so that you can get your job done.

  • Cyber Security Requires Holistic Approach

    The recent high-profile data breaches in the public and private sectors have made it clear what cyber experts have said all along: Traditional approaches to cybersecurity are not sufficient for responding to the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape. Learn how your agency needs to incorporate people, process and technology to avoid any data breaches.

  • Hyperconvergence Simplifies the Data Center

    IT resources—equipment, software, real estate and man hours—continue to sprawl in an attempt to keep pace with demand. For federal agencies, this never-ending data center creep has crowded innovative development out of budgets. Download this report to learn how virtualizing servers, applications and the network can help agencies reduce equipment and management costs while simplifying the data center.

  • Web Threats Target Industry

    While the ICS security problem has been developing for years, it wasn’t until the Stuxnet worm was discovered in 2010 that governments around the world became fully aware the extent of the problem. Download this special report to gain more insight into the realm of cyber-threats and industrial security.

  • Agencies Move Toward Cloud Interoperability and Integration

    As more federal agencies successfully move workloads to the cloud, they are beginning to realize the true benefits of cloud technology—scalability, cost savings, security and efficiency. Download this gamechanger to learn more about the latest in cloud computing, including the five steps to cloud readiness.