• Building Digital Transformation from the Network Up

    Too often, agencies procure new contracts to build on legacy networks that either are inadequate, overall, or don't sufficiently support emerging technologies that can help meet growing cyber demands. In this Roundtable Webcast, sponsored by MetTel and Forcepoint, Mark Bunn, program manager for DHS’s Trusted Internet Connections will discuss agency needs in networking and cybersecurity. Don't forget to bring your questions for our government and expert speakers! 11/27/2018

  • Authenticating Digital Transactions In Government

    In this 60-minute webcast, OneSpan is joined by Michele Thomas, Chief Information Security Officer of the US Department of Transportation/NHTSA, in a Fire-Side chat around the authentication that exists today in the Federal Government, as well as where technology may be heading. 11/15/2018

  • Keeping it Easy: Managing SD WAN with Contrail SD-WAN From Juniper Networks

    Join Technica and Juniper Networks and understand why Gartner predicts that by 2020, more than 50% of WAN edge infrastructure refresh initiatives will be based on SD-WAN versus traditional routers. Contrail SD-WAN from Juniper delivers SD-WAN topology management, Application analytics and Application based routing with SLA and Integrated security. 11/01/2018

  • On Demand Video: Belkin Universal KVM

    Cybersecurity threats are real. And they’re everywhere. Belkin guards against those threats by keeping sensitive information on secure isolated networks. A secure KVM switch helps protect networks where they’re most vulnerable – at the desktop. But what happens when new technology threatens to undermine stability? By eliminating complexity, the Belkin Universal Secure KVM switch protects security, performance and budgets. 10/15/2018

  • On Demand Video: Belkin Secure KVM Air Gap

    Online threats are escalating. Firewalls and antivirus software help, but they can’t guarantee the security of critical data. The only sure defense is an air gap that completely isolates sensitive information from the global internet. Belkin Secure KVM switches insert an impenetrable buffer between your secure system and your internet-connected computers – while still allowing both systems to share a keyboard, monitor and mouse. 10/15/2018


  • Turbocharging IT Procurment

    Earlier this year, on the evening of June 7, an announcement flickered into the consciousness of the federal IT contracting community. The brief electronic message heralded a development with the potential to change the acquisition sector’s status quo.

  • Enterprise Outlook: Rocketing into the Cloud

    Pulling off a successful lift-and-shift initiative requires agencies to select and move applications that are technically able to be migrated in this manner. The new environment should also have appropriate governance, security and infrastructure in place before lifting begins. Your Enterprise Outlook reviews the current state of the cloud environment and the future of moving applications

  • Agencies find Virtualization Smooths Cloud Migrations

    Most federal agencies,by now, have some cloud presence. Still, questions persist. When should an organization shift to cloud? What’s the best way to make the transition? How do you minimize missteps?

  • The Cost of Critical IT Incidents for Government

    The journey to modernization has its challenges, including an increase in events that are more difficult to monitor due to a diverse hybrid cloud/legacy infrastructure. Real-time IT monitoring tools lead to earlier detection and fewer critical events that could place an agency’s mission at risk. Download the research report to learn more.

  • Closing the Cybersecurity Gap: 3 Keys to an Analytics-Driven Security

    The threat landscape is evolving and increasing in size. Cyberthieves are trying new techniques and methods for exploiting humans and devices. Ensure your agency is staying ahead of these security threats with these 3 keys to an analytics-driven security approach.