• Unlocking Digital Transformation: Integration Best Practices for Government IT Modernization

    Government agencies understand the pain of siloed data, especially as they continue to move data and programs to the cloud. Connecting and cleansing that data can be a challenge, but new technology provides a short cut that helps speed transformation by using an integration platform for connecting SaaS and enterprise applications in the cloud and on premises. Hear from an agency executive who is making the journey about the challenges and the lesson learned. 10/22/2020

  • Next Gen Hybrid Cloud Architecture

    Agencies often need to work with multiple public cloud providers and with on-premises data centers as well. For all the benefits that come with the variety of providers, it also presents challenges when workloads need to be moved from one provider to another and back. This webcast will look at the challenges that agencies face with safeguarding data that will be accessed by a growing VDI workforce and how they are managing the operational complexity and costs of multiple hybrid cloud environments. 10/21/2020

  • On Target to Accessible Data in a Multi-Cloud Environment

    As horizons stretch for the remote work force and the prospect of returning to the office any time soon looks less likely, agencies are looking for way to make data accessible, anywhere, anytime in a cost effective way. A multi-cloud approach can offer such a solution—a way to virtualize workloads and move data from servers to virtual desktops and from on-premises centers to the public cloud and back. 10/14/2020

  • A Roadmap for Federal Executives Who Need to Plan Return to Office Work Options

    What will make federal workers feel safe in an office environment—can thermal cameras, plastic screens and reconfigured offices reassure workers? Join this discussion with a senior agency IT professional and an industry partner as they look at what has worked and what is still presenting challenges. 10/07/2020

  • Why Securing the ICT Supply Chain Is a Matter of National Interest

    Cyber criminals are targeting all tiers of the ICT supply chain. Hear how HPE’s highly secure processes and people deliver new levels of supply chain protection for your most sensitive applications, delivered via a break-through initiative designed to defend against cyber-attacks. 10/06/2020


  • Support Modern Applications with Dell Technologies Cloud

    Build, deploy, and manage modern applications with a consistent experience across physical, virtual, and containerized infrastructure.

  • The Cloud Era Requires Cloud-Ready Cyber Policies

    As federal agencies accelerate their effort to move data, applications and services to the cloud, they often run into an obstacle: Their existing cyber policies and processes were developed with a physical IT infrastructure in mind, not the virtual infrastructure that is the basis of so many modern solutions.

  • Data Center Transformation Services

    Data center consolidation and modernization projects are complex and infrequent initiatives. Without proper planning and vigilant execution, they have the potential to significantly impact business and IT operations, service levels and finances. Discover how your agency can accelerate modernization while minimizing risk.

  • Detect and Stop Advanced Threats Faster to Reduce Security Risk

    This white paper is focused on the challenges that cybersecurity professionals face with threat detection and response (TDR) and advancing solutions to these challenges using SOAPA, machine and deep learning, human analysis, automation, and behavioral playbook mapping.

  • Cloud Solution Brief: Data Center Modernization

    The job of modernizing the data center requires the tight orchestration of a wide range of services, including compute, storage, networking, security and cloud management. The more consistent the underlying infrastructure, the more seamlessly these services work together to deliver the benefits of cloud deployment. That’s exactly what VMware provides.