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  • The State of Hybrid Workforce Security 2021

    To gain deeper insight into how organizations are making the shift to a hybrid workforce arising from the global pandemic, Palo Alto Networks conducted one of largest and most complete studies on the state of hybrid work security for the enterprise in the world, the “State of Hybrid Work Security 2021.” Learn more.

  • Palo Alto Networks Cloud Threat Report: Understand Supply Chain Attacks to Defend Against Them

    Supply chain attacks in the cloud continue to grow as an emerging threat. However, much remains misunderstood about both the nature of these attacks and how to defend against them. To gain insight into this growing threat, Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 cloud threat researchers analyzed data from a variety of public data sources around the world.

  • Agencies Optimistic about Security Response, but Lack Crucial Visibility

    After a trying year that tested the public and private sector's agility and security capabilities, government agencies remain focused on accelerated IT modernization, and strengthening cyber defenses to protect an increasingly digital government infrastructure. New research, however, suggests agency leaders do not have the visibility into assets or nefarious activity they need to protect modern, increasingly cloud-based operations.

  • Riverbed’s Latest SSL Client Streamlines Civilian Agency’s Migration to the Cloud

    A large civilian agency within the US federal government aims to migrate its application workloads from a local private data center to Microsoft Azure. To achieve this, the agency leaned on RavenTek for its proven experience tackling complex application and network performance challenges. With Cybersecurity threats on the rise, RavenTek understood the agency’s need to streamline the process of accessing PKIs and credentials without increasing the attack surface on the network. By deploying Riverbed’s latest SSL SteelHead Client, the agency is now able to bypass the need to track down thousands of PKI credentials to optimize SSL protocols in order to accelerate application performance.

  • Data Strategy Drives Cloud Success

    The great potential of the cloud lies in its ability to manage vast tracts of data while its scale, speed and flexibility support data-driven processes. But to take full advantage of a cloud-driven ecosystem, the government must have more than just a cloud strategy—a game plan for bringing processes and applications forward into a new hardware environment. Agencies also need a data strategy, a deliberate and well-conceived set of policies aimed at making data consistent, clean and readily available across the full spectrum of hardware implementations, both on-prem and in multiple cloud environments.