• Streamline Citizen Engagement with PaaS

    There is an undeniable nexus between platform-as-a-service cloud applications and improved user experience. PaaS and cloud solutions can accelerate the delivery of advanced applications and facilitate smoother citizen engagement, reduced frustration, and more satisfying interactions. 12/05/2019

  • Meeting the Challenges of CDM

    During this webcast, agencies can learn about new tools and techniques to detect cyber-attacks, real time alerts and mediation, compliance checks and comprehensive asset management, as well cost management techniques and the evolving dashboards that are now part of CDM DEFEND. 10/29/2019

  • Building Blocks for the 21st Century Federal Workforce

    This webcast will explore how to liberate human workers from low-level tasks, thereby making it possible for them to produce higher-value work, a shift that is a goal of the current administration. 10/28/2019

  • Automation and Tomorrow’s Workforce

    Shifting from low-value to high-value work is a key goal in the President’s Management Agenda, and agencies are increasingly looking to robotic process automation as a means to that end. Public Sector will explore the lessons learned by early adopters, the challenges of automating across multiple systems, and the workloads that can benefit most from RPA. 10/24/2019

  • The Problem with Privileged Access Management

    This 60 min presentation will review the gap that exists between Privileged Access Management and Privileged Activity Management, highlighting a task-based approach that provides administrators with the exact level of privileges needed, exactly when they’re needed, for only as long as they’re needed – and then returns the environment to a no access-by-default state immediately upon completion! 10/17/2019


  • Cyber Security Compliance in a Cloud Smart Era: Comprehensive Threat Protection Provided by FireEye

    The benefits of cloud capabilities have been proven across government as agencies reap savings, improve security, and deliver mission-serving solutions faster. However, as agencies migrate workloads to cloud infrastructures, federal IT managers must ensure that functions in the cloud adhere to their agency’s compliance and security policies.

  • How the Commonwealth of Virginia is using hybrid cloud to deliver flexibility and lower costs

    Agencies at all levels in the Commonwealth of Virginia are undergoing tremendous change. The complexity of managing multiple clouds and data centers, and fragile legacy applications create opportunities and challenges to modernizing IT and improving resiliency.

  • The Big Shift: Digital transformation, leadership and thriving in the next evolution of cloud

    Government leaders are managing and leading agencies through big technology shifts: from proprietary to open platforms, analytics to AI, and from single to multiple clouds vendors. The opportunity to advance missions, increase security and create impact for stakeholders within this shift is significant, but agencies can travel only as fast as as their people and processes let them.

  • How Agency XYZ is getting smart with data

    Government has more potential than any other organization to generate insight from data to help address public challenges. Yet too often technological and political silos prevent agencies from leveraging the data.

  • Digital Dialogue: Cloud For Mission Performance

    The success of digital transformation by federal agencies comes down to mission readiness and attainment. Being mission-ready requires digital, automated, real-time processes. With cloud as a base, agencies can rapidly deploy advanced technologies – automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning – to improve decision-making, compliance, agility and productivity.