Webcasts & Podcasts

  • AWS Spotlight Series: State & Local Government and Education

    During this AWS Spotlight Series, learn how government and educational institutions made heroic leaps to move virtual this year, and how you can modernize, manage and scale these services up and down cost-effectively. 12/01/2020

  • How to Manage the Migration from the Data Center to the Cloud

    The ultimate payoff from a move to a cloud platform is that it offers faster, flexible and more secure access to the data that is essential for the agency’s mission. Learn how new architectures and tools simplify data protection, disaster recovery and cloud mobility across hybrid environments. Utilizing emerging technology to prepare for the migration can speed the process and reduce costs. In addition, simplified backup and recovery can reduce the costs of storage for current and long-term retention. In this webcast, you'll hear from a leader in government IT who has made the journey about the lessons learned and opportunities gained. 11/10/2020

  • Unlocking Digital Transformation: Integration Best Practices for Government IT Modernization

    Government agencies understand the pain of siloed data, especially as they continue to move data and programs to the cloud, modernize legacy systems, and automate manual processes to meet evolving citizen and employee demands. Connecting and accessing that data can be a challenge, but new technologies and modern integration platforms help accelerate transformation by connecting SaaS, enterprise applications, and other data sources, whether they are in the cloud or on premises. Hear from an agency executive who is making the journey about the challenges and the lessons learned. 10/22/2020

  • Next Gen Hybrid Cloud Architecture

    Agencies often need to work with multiple public cloud providers and with on-premises data centers as well. For all the benefits that come with the variety of providers, it also presents challenges when workloads need to be moved from one provider to another and back. This webcast will look at the challenges that agencies face with safeguarding data that will be accessed by a growing VDI workforce and how they are managing the operational complexity and costs of multiple hybrid cloud environments. 10/21/2020

  • On Target to Accessible Data in a Multi-Cloud Environment

    As horizons stretch for the remote work force and the prospect of returning to the office any time soon looks less likely, agencies are looking for way to make data accessible, anywhere, anytime in a cost effective way. A multi-cloud approach can offer such a solution—a way to virtualize workloads and move data from servers to virtual desktops and from on-premises centers to the public cloud and back. 10/14/2020


  • Enterprise Cloud Solutions eBook

    This eBook explains the idea of enterprise cloud, details many of the capabilities of Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, and explains the advantages that Nutanix delivers for solution areas including business-critical applications, messaging and collaboration, server virtualization and private cloud, big data and cloud-native apps, and virtual desktop infrastructure.

  • The Journey from Cloud First to Cloud Smart

    Want to accelerate cloud adoption beyond Cloud First? Think Cloud Smart and leverage the federal government’s guidance for fully realizing “the promise and potential of cloud-based technologies while ensuring thoughtful execution that incorporates practical realities." Download this eBook to learn how to get started.

  • Microsoft trusts Commvault. Shouldn't you?

    Take control of your data with Commvault, the Azure/Windows- centric solution. Commvault provides the tools you need to manage, migrate, access, and recover your data no matter where it resides, while reducing cost and risk. Learn why Microsoft chose Commvault software for its backup and recovery solution.

  • Federal agencies show big shift in cloud disruption

    As Federal agencies shift to the Cloud Smart policy, which gears toward energizing agencies that have lagged in making the transition, migrating their workloads to the cloud has been anything but smooth sailing.

  • eBook: The Complete Guide to Insider Risk

    Derek A. Smith—former Special Agent for several federal agencies—brings more than 30 years’ experience in the security industry to his current role as an author, speaker, and cybersecurity analyst. He’s made appearances on television and at industry conferences to speak on the damage insider threats can cause government entities. In this eBook, Derek offers his expertise on identifying and countering insider attacks, and how to build a security strategy to stop them in their tracks.