• Low-Code and Intelligent Automation Strategy at Department of Transportation

    Edward Dowgiallo from the DOT and FTA will discuss the use cases, best practices, and challenges of delivering low-code and intelligent automation applications in federal agencies. Edward will be joined by Jason Adolf, who is Appian's Global Public Sector Industry Vice President. 12/11/2019

  • Streamline Citizen Engagement with PaaS

    There is an undeniable nexus between platform-as-a-service cloud applications and improved user experience. PaaS and cloud solutions can accelerate the delivery of advanced applications and facilitate smoother citizen engagement, reduced frustration, and more satisfying interactions. 12/05/2019

  • Maximizing Insights from Big Data and SIEM for Federal agencies

    To support Federal agency objectives to improve operational efficiency and increase system security, tremendous volumes of data are being collected and analyzed. Tools specifically designed for Big Data analytics and Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) do an amazing job of extracting insights from the vast amounts of machine data gathered from Government IT systems, 11/19/2019

  • Automating Workloads to Drive Mission Outcomes

    Improving and automating existing workflows through use of RPA is a reliable path to greater efficiency, a more engaged workforce and better mission outcomes. This webcast will explore specific use cases that illustrate the link between workflow automation and overall agency efficiency, most importantly mission attainment. 11/12/2019

  • Meeting the Challenges of CDM

    During this webcast, agencies can learn about new tools and techniques to detect cyber-attacks, real time alerts and mediation, compliance checks and comprehensive asset management, as well cost management techniques and the evolving dashboards that are now part of CDM DEFEND. 10/29/2019


  • How Data Storage Can Help Serve and Protect Critical Federal Workloads

    Federal agencies face many of the same IT growth challenges as their commercial counterparts. Demanding data growth. An increasingly multi-cloud world. Emerging Big Data/AI applications. And the need to effectively manage and protect all their digital assets—wherever they reside. But, government agencies also face other demanding and confidential digital use cases. These warrant not just access to the best fit of enterprise or midrange storage solutions for the job, but also the right care and handling of government customer needs by partners already trusted in federal IT environments.

  • White Paper: The Ultimate Guide to Federal IT Compliance

    How can the federal IT pro keep up and stay compliant? In this white paper, you'll learn: tips for preparing for a security audit, how to use automation to dramatically ease compliance demands, and more.

  • White Paper: Application Monitoring for On-premises, Hybrid, and Multi-cloud Environments

    How can you successfully monitor all your applications, no matter where they are? This white paper looks at the application monitoring challenges agencies face, then at how federal IT pros can overcome these challenges with one integrated solution.

  • Colleagues as Customers: How Mission-Support Services Can Improve the Customer Experience

    Colleagues as Customers: How Mission-Support Services Can Improve the Customer Experience Download this paper and find out 3 key strategies to improve internal CX.

  • Platform Harmonization

    The advent of powerful and dynamic “low code, no code” platforms are shifting control of the IT experience from technologists to business owners and changing the way end users consume IT. And as more agencies use platform services to deliver new capabilities throughout the enterprise, service brokerage can help provide a better user experience.