Webcasts & Podcasts

  • FCW Roundtable Webcast: Zero Trust: The Foundation of a Modern Cybersecurity Strategy

    In the webcast, government and industry experts will discuss the importance of a Zero Trust approach within a changing IT environment and give insight into how federal agencies will adopt new Zero Trust security requirements. 10/21/2021

  • The Future of Government Acquisition: A Discussion with the US Air Force

    The United States Air Force Contracting-Information Technology (CON-IT) program trusted an agile methodology and low-code automation technology to transform their legacy acquisition systems and processes in nine months. Join us for this webcast to hear from the US Air Force Chief of Contracting Business Systems, Lt Col Mark Wagner, about the Air Force CON-IT application built on the Appian platform. 10/13/2021

  • FCW Government Voice Webcast: Cloud Can Kick Start Modernization

    Agencies modernizing their legacy systems are increasingly looking to the cloud for solutions that can help simplify and accelerate the process. Along with flexible, capable services, the cloud also offers a way to control costs and insure continuous network operations. As the migration to the cloud moves ahead, agencies are relying on multi-cloud, platform-as-a-service, as well as software-as-a-service solutions to help avoid the wholesale “lift-and-shift” approach that can bog modernization efforts down. 10/07/2021

  • FCW Roundtable Webcast: Managing the Multi-Cloud with Zero Trust

    In this webcast, attendees will learn how some federal agencies are working to implement Zero Trust; best practices for implementing Zero Trust, while moving to cloud; how hybrid cloud environments can influence Zero Trust implementation; what to consider when integrating Zero Trust architecture into IT modernization. 10/05/2021

  • FCW Roundtable Webcast: Optimizing IT Operations with AIOps

    Growing IT complexity means performing even routine operations can unduly tax agency IT resources – in fact, managing the potential billions of dependencies exceeds human capacity. Using artificial intelligence to automate IT operations (AIOps) makes the impossible possible, enabling IT teams to effectively manage complex environments without piling on new tasks or yet more training – and allowing them to focus on higher value work. Learn how agencies are utilizing AIOps to do more with current capabilities, while speeding response times, reducing redundant work and multiplying productivity. 09/30/2021


  • MuleSoft Public Sector Summit On-Demand

    View On-Demand: MuleSoft Public Sector Summit is the world’s leading integration event for thought leaders and practitioners across IT and business. Discover tailored keynotes, government-specific updates, and customized breakout sessions.

  • Meet the Next Generation of DevOps Practice: Intelligent Software Delivery

    Some federal agencies still struggle with iterative software delivery that can power digitization, however, intelligent software delivery can help with that struggle and speed the journey to digital services. Download this whitepaper to learn more.

  • Mobile Array: Datasheet

    Need reliable secure massive data transfer and storage? Seagate® Lyve Mobile Array is a portable – rackable data storage solution - designed to quickly and securely store data at the edge - or move data across your entire enterprise. To find out about Seagate Lyve storage options, contact Carasoft at 703-581-6729or visit carah.io/seagate

  • Lyve Cloud: Brochure

    Introducing a new approach to cloud storage - Lyve Cloud, a simple, trusted, and secure storage as service solution from Seagate, the global leader in mass data storage management. With Lyve Cloud, your data is always available, flexible, and Seagate-secure. Your cloud, your way. To find out about Seagate Lyve storage options, contact Carasoft at 703-581-6729 or visit carah.io/seagate

  • Lyve Rack Mass Capacity Object Storage: Solutions Brief

    Cost should not be a barrier when storing data. CORTX with Lyve Rack from Seagate is an open source, object storage solution for leading-edge applications like AI. With CORTX, you have the industry’s lowest cost per petabyte when consolidating massive amounts of data. Seagate, data made simple. To find out about Seagate Lyve storage options, contact Carasoft at 703-581-6729or visit carah.io/seagate