Webcasts & Podcasts

  • FCW Roundtable Webcast: Protecting Mission Critical Data: Securing Cloud and Cloud Native Environments

    During this webcast, attendees will learn from the Department of State and proven industry experts about how to navigate complex multi-cloud security capabilities from Google to AWS, including the ability to continuously scan applications for misconfigurations and threats. 08/26/2021

  • FCW Government Voice Webcast: Navigating Another “New Normal” for remote work

    During the webcast, government experts who are making these choices will provide insight into how they’re steering through the options for remote and hybrid workplaces. 08/19/2021

  • FCW Roundtable Webcast: Data Fabric Unifies Operations

    Like commercial industry, federal agencies see data as the lifeblood of their operations. Inconsistent access to that critical asset can dull agency missions. A unified, cohesive data fabric that can weave in all types of data from all locations, operations and applications is growing more critical. Having an edge-to-core-to-cloud approach to data management increases access and sharing. In turn, those access and sharing capabilities allow greater agency flexibility and can fuel more effective internal and external applications. 08/18/2021

  • FCW Editorial Webcast: The Evolution of Edge Computing

    This FCW webcast will explore how agencies can leverage edge computing for faster and more-secure data applications and incorporate edge computing into overall IT modernization and digital transformation efforts. 08/10/2021

  • FCW Editorial Webcast: Software Factories: DevSecOps at Government Scale

    Topics covered in the webcast will include where software factories have taken hold in both defense and civilian agencies, critical components of a successful software factory, ATO requirements and how to support them, and workforce and training considerations. 07/28/2021


  • AI Augments Patent Examiners’ Research

    Download this whitepaper to learn now machine learning helps USPTO process patent applications faster and more accurately with new tools for document retrieval, ranking and review.


    Together with Market Connections, Maximus and Genesys fielded a survey of 200 federal and 300 state and local government IT and decision makers from agencies with direct citizen services. Download this research brief now to find insights from the survey alongside data sourced by Market Connections.


    Rely on a cloud contact center that meets the stringent security requirements of FedRAMP. The Maximus Genesys Multicloud CXment Platform is a full-featured omnichannel engagement solution that meets those requirements to drive your digital transformation.

  • The Evolution and Arrival of the Prevention-First Approach to Cybersecurity

    There can no longer be any question about what constitutes a responsible approach to cyber defense. Organizations must lead with proactive prevention.

  • Ransomware: What You Need to Know

    Will yours be among the global public and private sector firms that pay these criminals tens of billions of dollars each year? How well are you prepared to prevent and remediate a ransomware breach?