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Recommended Reading: Plain-language awards, the dangers of tiny URLs, and wooing online readers

The Center for Plain Language is seeking award nominations; small URLs can hide big problems; how to send readers to your blog or wiki.

Recommended Reading: Candi on Content, down with privacy, and job interview tips.

Former govie on improving federal Web sites; Facebook CEO's argument for less privacy; tips for acing a job interview.

Blog Brief: Paula Zahn, Stephen Colbert and Climate Change Jargon

Paula Zahn speaks out on behalf of stalker victims; EPA uses mockery to promote landmark study; Scientists wrestle with the power of words.

Blog Briefs: Military spouses, Hollywood actors, health IT and vets debriefed

A roundup from the blog rolls of the federal government.

Recommended Reading: The cloud, Kundra and mashups

Sizing up the cloud; Mashups for the masses; The curse of the speaker tic; Kundra's big agenda.

Shelf Life: Readings on Web 2.0

Here is a selection of the best articles on Web 2.0 from 2009.

How to make government green

Federal employees and the public recently offered the White House more than 5,000 ideas for making the government more environmentally friendly.

Social media, virtual town halls and the top tech of 2009

How to win over social media holdouts; virtues of virtual town hall meetings; the best tech of 2009.


Federal URL shortener makes sense; Browser wars heat up; Is there any pie Google doesn't have its fingers in?; Stupid spammer tricks.

Recommended reading: Robots, Luddites and social media

Security gets scarier still; When IT workers are Luddites; Get to know your Nobel winners; How to win friends in social media

Recommended Reading

Dispelling myths about data disposal; A new tack on security: smarter users; Must-haves for digital nomads; What would Emily Post do?

Recommended Reading

What type of CIO are you?; FDA and Web 2.0: Oh, how things have changed; Who built the first computer, really?; Checking up on Big Brother.

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