• Acquisition
    By julia.m shutterstock ID: 779956477

    DHS official: 'We're not Consumer Reports'

    The Department of Homeland Security sees its role in supply chain security as providing risk management advice, not a buying guide. 10/19/2018

  • Contracting
    DNI Coats testifies in the Senate March 6 2018

    Coats critiques tech firms for inconsistent human rights stances

    The nation's top intelligence official said contractors who have reservations about helping the U.S. government should extend those same concerns to foreign ventures. 10/18/2018

  • Acquisition
    Agile development By Kalakruthi shutterstock image ID: 516494164

    18F wants you to buy IT faster and cheaper

    When it comes to buying digital tools, too many agencies are hung up on what they believe is not allowed. 10/17/2018

  • IT Modernization
    business speed (CharacterFamily/Shutterstock.com)

    Graves: TMF is about more than the money

    The Technology Modernization Fund's proposal process and review board are teaching agencies how to put together a solid business case. 10/17/2018

  • Cybersecurity
    Sen. Mark Warner (Photo by Mark Reinstein/Shutterstock)

    Warner presses agencies, Congress to advance IoT security

    Congress is running out of time to move on an internet-of-things security bill offered by Sen. Mark Warner, but the Virginia Democrat is hopeful agencies can pitch in with their own rules. 10/16/2018

  • Contracting
    Stock photo ID: 658810513 By asharkyu

    A big-ticket vendor merger hits EIS

    The Harris-L3 merger won't significantly impact the $50 billion federal Enterprise Infrastructure Services contract, the companies report. 10/15/2018

  • Defense
    military cloud

    Microsoft workers urge company to pass on JEDI

    Citing ethical concerns, a group identifying itself as "Employees of Microsoft" want the tech giant to forego bids on the Pentagon's $10 billion cloud procurement. 10/15/2018

  • Budget
    shutterstock image By enzozo; photo ID: 319763930

    Agencies still queueing for TMF funds

    While Congress has yet to fund the Modernizing Government Technology Act for FY2019, agencies continue to submit project for consideration this year. 10/12/2018

  • Modernization
    business opportunity (Khakimullin Aleksandr/Shutterstock.com)

    Excellence begins at home, TTS chief says

    Agencies don't have to depend on the General Services Administration to design and launch their own internal Centers of Excellence-like programs to support modernization. 10/12/2018

  • Contracting
    8 prototypes of the border walls as tweeted by CBP San Diego

    DHS contractors face protests – on the streets

    Tech companies are facing protests internally from workers and externally from activists about doing for government amid controversial policies like "zero tolerance" for illegal immigration. 10/11/2018

  • Telecommunications
    By asharkyu shutterstock ID 311303981

    Agencies pivot as EIS focuses on modernization

    The $50 billion governmentwide telecommunications contract Enterprise Infrastructure Services began life as a like-for-like upgrade under the Obama administration, and agencies are playing catch-up as the White House looks to use the vehicle as a modernization tool. 10/10/2018

  • Cloud
    Shutterstock ID ID: 222190471 By wk1003mike

    IBM protests JEDI cloud deal

    As the deadline to submit bids on the Pentagon's $10 billion, 10-year warfighter cloud deal draws near, IBM announced a legal protest. 10/10/2018

  • Telecommunications
    Stock photo ID: 658810513 By asharkyu

    DHS sets two-pronged approach to EIS adoption

    The Homeland Security CIO looks to "like for like" and cutting-edge telecom transition plans under EIS. 10/05/2018

  • Cybersecurity
    shutterstock ID:  640599397 By kb-photodesign

    Report: China infiltrated supply chain of top server supplier

    An explosive story from Bloomberg Businessweek alleges that Chinese government agents planted tiny chips in servers widely used in government and industry – but so far firms are denying reports. 10/04/2018

  • Regulation (Image: Shutterstock / Garagestock)

    Steve's peeve about a common contracting phrase

    When it comes to discussion of government contracts, Steve Kelman contends that "the L word" comes up far too often. 10/02/2018

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