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  • Cybersecurity
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    Senators press for federal agency accountability over SolarWinds

    Three top cybersecurity officials struggled to answer questions from lawmakers about who is to blame for the government's failure to stop the breach of nine federal agencies. 03/18/2021

  • Cybersecurity
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    What cyber risks will Biden's supply chain EO uncover?

    The administration has ordered a wide-ranging assessment of the risks to manufacturing and technology supply chains. Analysts, former government officials and industry say a large workforce gap and problematic frameworks are among the threats cybersecurity poses to the country's supply chains. 03/16/2021

  • Defense

    CMMC board preps for staff changes

    The body in charge of standing up and running the Defense Department’s unified cybersecurity standard is shifting its staffing arrangement. 03/16/2021

  • IT Modernization
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    TMF to fund Labor Dept. data project

    The Technology Modernization Fund doled out its first project of 2021 the day after getting $1 billion in the Biden administration's Rescue Plan legislation. 03/15/2021

  • Cybersecurity
    IoT security

    White House tees up cyber labeling policy

    A 2020 law could provide some legal cover for executive orders regulating software and IoT cybersecurity, but new legislation could be required. 03/15/2021

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