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    AT&T seeks tough standards for FirstNet opt-outs

    Telecom providers argue about the role and impact of state-run networks on FirstNet's nationwide public safety broadband network. 06/02/2017

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    What's slowing down DOD's data center consolidation?

    The Defense Department is working through a variety of barriers, including legacy tech and cloud requirements, as it continues its effort to consolidate data centers. 06/01/2017

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    How State wants to innovate

    The State Department is contemplating a procurement that can drive innovation and collaboration among U.S. diplomats. 06/01/2017

  • Brig. Gen. Maria Barrett photo courtesy U.S. Army

    CyberCom mission forces continue to evolve

    While the 133 teams of DOD Cyber Mission forces have reached initial operating capability, their organization, equipment and deployment structures continue to develop and change. 06/01/2017

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    Booz Allen, NGA probe intel leak

    Defense and intelligence contractor Booz Allen Hamilton and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency are investigating how a trove of sensitive program data was apparently uploaded to a public Amazon cloud server. 05/31/2017

  • Lawmakers seek answers on alleged FCC DDoS attack

    Five Democratic senators are seeking an FBI investigation into possible cyberattacks on the Federal Communication Commission's online comment system. 05/31/2017

  • ShadowBrokers launch subscription service for stolen NSA tools

    The enigmatic ShadowBrokers have launched a new subscription service in their latest attempt to monetize stolen NSA hacking tools. 05/31/2017

  • David Shulkin briefs reporters at the White House

    VA chief will seek IT funding supplemental

    Once the Department of Veterans Affairs makes a decision on the future of its electronic health records system, it will seek money from Congress to put the plan into place. 05/31/2017

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    OMB seeks IT specialists

    The Executive Office of the President is looking to fill a quartet of IT jobs that call for secret and top secret clearances. 05/30/2017

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    White House seeks authority to track and destroy drones

    Under draft legislation, federal agencies would have the authority to disable or destroy drone aircraft deemed dangerous to government operations. 05/30/2017

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    Windstream drops EIS protest

    The company withdraws its pre-award protest of GSA's massive telecommunications contract, paving the way for an agency award. 05/30/2017

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    Senators want a (bug) bounty on DHS

    Senators have introduced legislation to establish a Department of Homeland Security bug bounty program modeled on the Hack the Pentagon that would unleash white-hat hackers on agency systems. 05/30/2017

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    VA looks at cut in tech funding

    While the Department of Veterans Affairs gets a budget bump in the administration's spending plan, the line item for IT comes in for a cut as the agency mulls shifting its tech strategy. 05/26/2017

  • Shutterstock image. Copyright: Dgrilla.

    Can government stop using Social Security numbers?

    Agencies are having trouble reducing reliance on Social Security numbers as identifiers because of outdated systems, insufficient funding and lack of coordination from OMB. 05/26/2017

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    What the PATCH Act doesn't do

    Proponents of the current Vulnerabilities Equities Process say the proposed PATCH Act will likely improve the process, but it is just one piece of a larger cybersecurity puzzle. 05/26/2017

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