• Oversight

    FCC chairman: truth about site failure should have come out sooner

    Ajit Pai told lawmakers that he couldn't alert the public to an event incorrectly designated as a cyberattack without jeopardizing a federal investigation. 08/17/2018

  • secure election (WhiteDragon/Shutterstock.com)

    DHS, states drill on election security

    Tabletop training helps states, election officials and DHS see how election cybersecurity detection and response plans might work. 08/16/2018

  • Cybersecurity
    By Lidiia Royalty-free stock vector ID: 1110770507

    Is Trump clearing the (policy) decks for cyberwar?

    Reports that the Trump administration has rescinded an Obama-era directive guiding the use of offensive cyber operations has cybersecurity experts pondering what, if anything, has replaced it. 08/16/2018

  • Cloud
    key in cloud (Blackboard/Shutterstock.com)

    Cloud migration made easy

    As OMB readies its Cloud Smart strategy, a key government executive shares four keys to successful cloud migrations. 08/16/2018

  • Workforce
    shutterstock workforce hands

    GAO presses OPM for better data on employee misconduct

    A new report from the GAO flags multiple holes in the way OPM collects for employee misconduct. OPM thinks GAO doesn’t understand the law. 08/16/2018

  • People
    Bill Zielinski via gov matters

    Zielinski to take over as GSA's top IT buyer

    With Kay Ely's coming departure, longtime federal IT presence Bill Zielinski is taking over as assistant commissioner of the IT category at the Federal Acquisition Service. 08/16/2018

  • Budget
    shutterstock image By enzozo; photo ID: 319763930

    Budget uncertainty is routine. What makes 2018 different?

    Continuing resolutions and funding uncertainty have been the "new normal" for years, but experts at the Professional Services Council say that this year presents new challenges. 08/15/2018

  • Cybersecurity
    broadband availablity

    DHS ramps up supply chain security efforts

    A new DHS study looks to light the way to actionable supply chain security solutions for telecommunications infrastructure. 08/15/2018

  • Budget
    By Orhan Cam Royalty-free stock photo ID: 546416560 United States Capitol Building in Washington DC USA

    McCaskill sounds alarms over proposed IG budget cuts

    The ranking Democrat on the Senate Homeland Security committee is calling foul on budget cuts proposed by the Trump administration to a number of inspector general offices throughout the federal government. 08/15/2018

  • Citizen Services

    When government websites fail

    The FCC’s site went down last year not because of a DDoS attack, but because it couldn’t handle the traffic spike. So who’s responsible for making sure that doesn’t happen? 08/15/2018

  • Biometrics
    By ImageFlow Royalty-free stock photo ID: 1150222283

    Airport biometric tech advances under CBP

    Ongoing tests of an entry/exit verification system based on facial recognition technology are proceeding at U.S. airports. 08/15/2018

  • Cloud
    cloud migration

    DISA seeks metrics for cloud SLAs

    An interagency working group is putting together a catalog of service level agreement metrics that all federal agencies could use for commercial cloud contracts. 08/14/2018

  • Procurement
    By Gil C shutterstock ID 175538990

    Census grapples with IT and (now) paper challenges

    In addition to questions over systems readiness and cybersecurity, the first-ever online census is now working to straighten out issues on the paper-based side of the decennial population count -- all against a ticking clock. 08/14/2018

  • Cybersecurity
    By faustasyan shutterstock  photo ID: 365684687 FBI HQ J EDGAR HOOVER building

    FBI selects cyber, IT executives

    The FBI named new executives to lead its cyber and IT operations, as some of the agency's top cybersecurity officials move to the private sector. 08/14/2018

  • Cybersecurity
    By TBaker770 stock photo ID: 1155191281

    Sen. Markey wants details on cyber threats to the U.S. grid

    In letters to federal agencies and power companies, Sen. Edward Markey wants more information on reports of cybersecurity vulnerabilities in U.S. power systems. 08/14/2018

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