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  • John Klossner self portrait

    When security goes too far

    What happens when agencies realize that every connected device is a potential threat? 07/28/2016

  • How It Works

    What feds must do to get a handle on water data

    Water resources are being stretched thin in drought-riddled parts of the U.S., but the government doesn't have the data it needs to monitor consumption and plan for the future. 07/28/2016

  • How It Works
    Shutterstock image: checking the books for errors.

    Understanding how FITARA grades are calculated

    The Government Accountability Office plays a big role in determining whether agencies are successfully implementing FITARA. 07/27/2016

  • Comment
    Shutterstock image: connecting individuals to one another through an access point.

    Dispelling the myth of 'perfect' security

    A new approach called micro-segmentation is easy to deploy, requires fewer security resources and could be the key to streamlining risk management. 07/27/2016

  • Comment

    5 habits of highly effective government power users

    Successful power users are technically curious, skilled at communication and highly organized. And they are essential to the government's data revolution. 07/27/2016

  • Health IT

    VA and VistA: Can they be fixed?

    VA's homegrown electronic health record system is at an inflection point -- one that encapsulates the state of the agency's entire technology operation. 07/27/2016

  • Workforce
    Shutterstock image: businessman holding workforce icons in his hands.

    Cyber worker shortage hurting operations

    Although the U.S. is in the top tier for educating new cybersecurity workers, the small talent pool is still a significant challenge for industry and government, according to a new survey. 07/27/2016

  • Policy
    Shutterstock image (by Maksim Kabakou): cyber defense conept, magnifying glass.

    OMB issues A-130 update

    The long-awaited update to Circular A-130 addresses a range of cybersecurity issues, including insider threats and feds' use of personal email accounts at work. 07/27/2016

  • Acquisition

    OMB's new one-stop shop for digital services

    A new site, developed by OMB and USDS, gives feds a one-stop shop for information and best practices for digital services acquisition. 07/26/2016

  • Defense
    Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter.

    DOD unveils Boston innovation hub

    Defense Secretary Ash Carter cut the ribbon on an east coast version of the Pentagon's Silicon Valley innovation unit. 07/26/2016

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    Shutterstock image: government access keyboard.

    Creating federal digital services that actually work

    User stories and continuous delivery are vital but count for little if fundamental needs are not being met. 07/26/2016

  • Cloud
    Shutterstock image: the data cloud connecting a number of global services.

    DHS official: Cloud fuels progress

    CTO Michael Hermus says the cloud "represents endless opportunity" for DHS and other federal agencies because it shifts the focus from infrastructure to mission-oriented services. 07/26/2016

  • Cybersecurity
    Shutterstock image: examining a line of code.

    White House policy defines cyber roles

    A new presidential policy directive clarifies the responsibilities of federal law enforcement, security and intelligence agencies in responding to significant cyber incidents. 07/26/2016

  • Comment

    The push for enterprise risk management

    Savvy agency leaders are already integrating holistic ERM into decision-making processes as they wait for new guidance from OMB. 07/26/2016

  • Acquisition
    Army CHESS logo

    At CHESS, Army gets flexible on contracting

    The contracting regime run by the Army's Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions is moving into a new phase with big implications for federal IT acquisition. 07/26/2016

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