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  • Cybersecurity
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    State plans departmentwide phishing trip

    The State Department has selected a vendor to provide a "phishing as a service" solution to improve employee cyber hygiene worldwide. 05/26/2016

  • Contracting
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    Feds seek contractor emissions data

    A proposed new Federal Acquisitions Regulation rule would require federal suppliers to supply yearly greenhouse gas emissions data. 05/26/2016

  • Defense
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    Hardware first up in NGEN re-compete

    Navy officials are interested in carving out a separate contract for hardware-as-a-service in the re-compete of the Next Generation Enterprise Network. 05/26/2016

  • Congress
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    Senators ask what OPM hack means for global cyber relations

    The State Department is pushing a regime of global cyber norms, and lawmakers want to know how high-profile hacks affect the effort. 05/25/2016

  • Congress
    Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah).

    House panel weighs the risks of legacy IT

    As experts warned of the "dire" threats posed by outdated federal technology, lawmakers grilled top feds, debated workforce issues and inched closer to backing a $3.1 billion fix-it fund. 05/25/2016

  • Oversight
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    State IG: Clinton violated records policy

    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton didn't comply with State Department policies implemented under the Federal Records Act, according to a report from the State Department inspector general. 05/25/2016

  • Cybersecurity
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    NPPD gets funding bump in Senate bill

    DHS cybersecurity directorate funding edges north of $1.8 billion, as federal cyber risks gain traction as a policy priority. 05/25/2016

  • AIR FORCE Research Lab

    Air Force looks for 'software-defined' spectrum

    The Air Force wants to use advances in software and hardware to make its radio communications more adaptable to various mission environments -- without sacrificing security. 05/25/2016

  • Transcom

    TRANSCOM in search of deputy CIO

    U.S. Transportation Command, which has been hit by hackers in the past, is looking for a new executive to help drive IT policy. 05/25/2016

  • Homeland Security
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    CBP working on border tech acquisition processes

    The agency is making strides in developing and deploying border technologies but still has some weaknesses. 05/25/2016

  • Internet Governance

    Senators still have questions about IANA transition

    Senators heard from experts who want to tap the brakes on the pending transition of a key piece of global Internet architecture from U.S. control to a global multistakeholder organization. 05/24/2016

  • Workforce
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    Succession planning for CIOs

    Don't try to pick your replacement, current and former CIOs advised. Instead, strengthen the office so that any good successor can succeed. 05/24/2016

  • Cybersecurity
    Michael Hayden. Photo credit: Gage Skidmore.

    Hayden: Russian cyber sophistication derives from criminal groups

    Deterring Russia is harder than deterring China from hitting the U.S. in cyberspace, says retired Gen. Michael Hayden, former CIA and NSA director. 05/24/2016

  • Modernization
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    TSA and Social Security race to Windows 10

    They've hit a few snags, but the two agencies are nevertheless hoping to complete an upgrade to end all Windows upgrades within the month. 05/24/2016

  • Cybersecurity
    Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.)

    Kaine: Congress is nearsighted on privacy

    Congress has "fundamentally surrendered" the public's expectations of privacy in their legislative approach to cybersecurity, according to a prominent U.S. senator. 05/24/2016

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