• Tech to help track parachute deployment

    The Army wants an IT solution to track cargo and personnel parachute inventory. 09/13/2016

  • Critical Read
    Shutterstock imag (by Benjamin Haas): cyber coded team.

    5 steps to more effective CTOs

    New report examines roles and reporting structures for federal chief technology officers. 09/13/2016

  • Critical Read
    The U.S. Capitol decked out for a presidential inauguration. (Photo credit: JRAphotographics / Shutterstock.com)

    Managing the transition

    A new report from the Partnership for Public Service wants the next administration to treat government as an integrated enterprise and tap the existing talent pool. 09/12/2016

  • Congress
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    Lawmaker grouses about cybersecurity delays at IRS

    Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, wants the tax agency to pick up the pace on Einstein implementation. 09/12/2016

  • Customer Service
    satisfaction survey

    How agencies plan to improve customer service

    Federal agencies are increasingly looking to the private sector for tips on how to improve customer experience. 09/12/2016

  • Oversight
    screen capture of HealthCare.gov site

    GAO finds holes in ACA data verification

    The Government Accountability Office managed to push bogus applications past Affordable Care Act data verification requirements to get approval for health insurance coverage. 09/12/2016

  • Cybersecurity
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    GSA retools Schedule 70 for cyber

    Government technology purchasers using GSA's Schedule 70 have new options for acquiring cybersecurity services. 09/12/2016

  • Oversight
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    IG tells TSA to tighten up transportation ID security

    Dockworkers, truckers and others must have government-issued credentials to access secure facilities, but a watchdog says the program for granting those credentials needs to be improved. 09/12/2016

  • Cloud
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    Cloud approval can cost over $2 million

    Cost estimates for FedRAMP authorization aren't simple to calculate, but on average it runs about $2.25 million, according to GSA. 09/12/2016

  • Cybersecurity
    Gregory Touhill

    New CISO faces tough sprint

    Greg Touhill, the first governmentwide CISO, will have a long task list and a short window of time as the Obama administration enters its last four months. 09/09/2016

  • Oversight
    Shutterstock editorial image (by Gil C): State Census Bureau homepage.

    GAO warns Census IT efforts are lagging

    The Census Bureau may miss targets on a major IT modernization plan ahead of the 2020 population count, according to a GAO report. 09/09/2016

  • Privacy
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    Are NIST's privacy controls out of date?

    Federal chief privacy officers are charged with ensuring that agencies store data legally and safely, but some are concerned that their policy guidelines are outmoded. 09/09/2016

  • Congress
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    What a December CR means for federal workers

    Capitol Hill leaders plan to seek a temporary funding measure to keep the government open through Dec. 9, a move that will have consequences for the federal workforce. 09/09/2016

  • Law Enforcement
    John Brennan

    Two more arrests in hack of CIA's Brennan

    Federal authorities have arrested two more alleged members of a hacker group that targeted senior U.S. intelligence and security officials and publicly posted personal information on FBI and DHS employees. 09/09/2016

  • Intelligence
    INSA panel. Comey, Brennan, Rogers, Stewart. Photo credit Herman Farrer.

    IC: Technology is a threat and a tool

    Intelligence community leaders say technology continues to present new threats and new opportunities to combat them. 09/09/2016