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    CDM and automation

    The next frontier for Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation. 11/13/2017

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    An important new guide to agile

    Steve Kelman applauds a new resource for agencies looking to put agile into action. 11/13/2017

  • Contracting
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    Army IT official sentenced in bribery scheme

    Ranier Ramos, formerly of the U.S. Army Public Health Command, will serve a year in federal prison and pay millions in penalties and restitution. 11/13/2017

  • Congress
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    House panel advances FISA reform

    The Judiciary committee passed a bill to require federal law enforcement to obtain a warrant before querying spy databases, but some are worried about potential loopholes. 11/13/2017

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    Joyce: Civilian cyber could use more discipline

    The top White House cybersecurity adviser suggests civilian agencies could take a page from the Pentagon's handbook. 11/09/2017

  • Homeland Security
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    Lawmakers look to CBP, Post Office on opioid data sharing

    Senators want Customs and Border Protection and the Post Office to gather more data on incoming international illicit Fentanyl packages and urge both develop electronic package pre-arrival data exchange. 11/09/2017

  • Open Government
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    DATA Act oversight highlights growing pains

    The first round of oversight reports on financial reporting under the Data Act shows that most agencies are experiencing growing pains when it comes to implementing the recent law. Does that mean it's working? 11/09/2017

  • Cybersecurity
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    Why it's harder than you think to hack a voting machine

    Despite the fear and hype, there are several obstacles that make the most direct form of tampering, altering vote counts, extremely difficult. 11/09/2017

  • Procurement
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    Judge rules protestor couldn't compete for Vista replacement

    In a recently unsealed ruling, a federal judge also noted that the administrative record lacks detail on why specifically Cerner was selected as the prime contractor for the replacement electronic health record system. 11/09/2017

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    IT funding bill survives NDAA conference

    The $700 billion defense bill now poised for final passage includes provisions to modernize agency IT through revolving funds and allow for for easy, off-the-shelf Pentagon procurement. 11/08/2017

  • Homeland Security
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    DHS nominee faces Senate

    Kirstjen Nielsen told a Senate committee that a planned border wall won't span the entire southern border and that cyberattacks have entered a more potent phase in their evolution. 11/08/2017

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    Moskovitz moves on at Accenture

    Accenture Federal Chief Operating Officer John Goodman will succeed CEO David Moskovitz, effective Nov. 20. 11/08/2017

  • Oversight
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    Agencies failing key agile test

    An oversight report found that most agencies were failing to certify implementation of incremental development on some major software projects. 11/08/2017

  • Defense

    How the Air Force is building resiliency

    Compliance only gets you so far, explained one senior official. 11/08/2017

  • Critical Read
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    A user's guide to IT modernization

    There are new big plans for federal IT modernization, but the old pitfalls remain. 11/08/2017