• Congress
    Shutterstock images (honglouwawa & 0beron): Bitcoin image overlay replaced with a dollar sign on a hardware circuit.

    House to vote on bill to trim federal software spend

    A bill requiring agency CIOs to streamline software spending is expected to pass the House of Representatives on June 7. 06/06/2016

  • Health IT
    Vice President Joseph Biden. White House photo.

    Biden announces public cancer database

    Vice President Joe Biden, the public face of the administration's Cancer Moonshot, announced the release of the National Cancer Institute's Genomic Data Commons, a public-facing data platform that allows researchers to access, analyze and upload genomic health data to advance cancer research. 06/06/2016

  • Law Enforcement
    Leslie Caldwell, assistant Attorney General. Photo credit: Sean Lyngaas, FCW.

    DOJ official: Some crypto poses 'undeniable' threat to public safety

    Encryption has its virtues, but it is not universally good, said Leslie Caldwell, assistant attorney general for Justice's Criminal Division. 06/06/2016

  • Acquisition
    Shutterstock image: the White House.

    White House laments Cold War-era R&D structure

    "Too often, the most agile and innovative companies are unwilling to work with government," the Office of Science and Technology Policy document says. 06/06/2016

  • Congress
    Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.)

    Sen. Whitehouse proposes cyber IG for civilian agencies

    An overarching inspector general for cybersecurity would attract top-notch talent, according to Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.). 06/06/2016

  • Bookshelf
    Delivering on Digital

    Getting government to go digital

    William D. Eggers details the necessary steps for applying new technologies to today's government. PLUS: Three more books IT leaders should be reading. 06/06/2016

  • MSPB logo

    MSPB hiring new privacy chief

    Seeing an increased focus on privacy throughout government, the Merit Systems Protection Board wants to beef up its privacy leadership with a new dual-role hire. 06/06/2016

  • Bookshelf

    Inside the world of cybercrime

    Former federal prosecutor David Locke Hall recounts the investigation and takedown of a $100 million cybercrime operation. 06/06/2016

  • Bookshelf

    Making your own luck

    Pagan Kennedy explores what it takes to truly invent -- and whether we can find ways to encourage more of it. 06/06/2016

  • Bookshelf

    When data deceives

    Never mind big data -- John H. Johnson and Mike Gluck warn that the little data can create real confusion all by itself. 06/06/2016

  • Comment
    Shutterstock image: social media.

    Social confusion: Looming records mandates and social media

    NARA guidelines offer a starting point, but agencies must make some important determinations themselves. 06/03/2016

  • Internet Governance
    Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas)

    Sen. Cruz pushes 'last chance' to block IANA transition

    Sen. Ted Cruz wants to halt the United States' long-standing plan to transfer oversight of the Internet address system's architecture to a multi-stakeholder group. 06/03/2016

  • Cybersecurity
    Internet of Things_man with globe and dollars

    FTC: Too soon for internet of things laws

    The Federal Trade Commission sees risks and opportunity in internet of things applications, but thinks new laws specific to the technology would be premature. 06/03/2016

  • Defense
    Photo courtesy US NAVY

    Navy hits refresh button on IT inventory

    The Navy projects the updated Applications and Database Management System can save it millions of dollars. 06/03/2016

  • Wikimedia image: Securities and Exchange Commission logo.

    SEC promotes cyber adviser

    Christopher Hetner is moving into a senior advisory role to SEC Chair Mary Jo White. 06/03/2016