• Critical Read
    keyhole digital

    How restricting encryption increases cyber risks

    Weakening encryption for the benefit of law enforcement would have economic and social fallout that is far more damaging than any benefit obtained, according to new report from the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation. 03/14/2016

  • Acquisition
    Agile Development Stock Image

    FedRAMP takes agile BPA for a test drive

    The cloud services vetting office wants to open its process to the public via a dashboard built under 18F's agile blanket purchase agreement. 03/14/2016

  • Procurement

    Tech teams aim to upend procurement

    Teams of techies will bring new acquisition models to seven agencies as part of the Digital Acquisitions Pilot. 03/11/2016

  • Cybersecurity
    President Obama at SXSW in Austin, Texas, March 11, 2016. Photo from WH.GOV video stream.

    Obama warns against 'absolutist' positions on encryption

    The White House had said Obama would not weigh in on the Apple case, but he spoke at length on the issue of encryption in the first visit by a sitting president to the South by Southwest festival. 03/11/2016

  • Cybersecurity
    Vikram Phatak

    NSS Labs CEO: U.S. has unilaterally disarmed in cyberspace

    In a recent interview, NSS Labs CEO Vikram Phatak discussed a range of topics, including Apple vs. FBI and the lack of operational experience among U.S. government hackers. 03/11/2016

  • Homeland Security
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    How USCIS consolidates immigration data

    The agency in charge of processing immigrant visa and naturalization petitions, asylum and refugee applications has a data query service that rounds up data from across DHS. 03/11/2016

  • Regulation
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    FCC chief wants to expand privacy rules for broadband

    The FCC circulated a new proposal March 10 that outlines Commissioner Tom Wheeler's plan to address what information Internet Service Providers can collect and share about their customers. 03/11/2016

  • Opinion
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    CIO success: Does the song remain the same?

    The advice in a 15-year-old Government Accountability Office report is remarkably relevant to the CIO's role in the FITARA era. 03/11/2016

  • Shutterstock image. Copyright Mikhail Kolesnikov.

    The People's House looks to the cloud

    The House's Office of the Chief Administrative Officer is seeking information and guidance on migrating its public websites to the cloud. 03/10/2016

  • Data
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    Why the National Archives needs punch-card readers

    The Archives faces a rising tide of data, and a need to preserve authenticity means it also needs outdated machines to read the data. 03/10/2016

  • Congress
    Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.)

    Senator wants VA to stop using SSNs

    After a data leak involving Veteran information, a Wisconsin senator wants the agency to stop using Social Security numbers as identifiers. 03/10/2016

  • Telecom
    Shutterstock image (by kstudija): telecommunications radio tower.

    FirstNet contract on track for November award

    The planned nationwide, wireless broadband public safety network still has November as a contract award date target. 03/10/2016

  • Defense
    Shutterstock image: businessman relaxing and looking at digital graphs.

    Air Force looks for data help from DIUX

    Representatives of the Pentagon's Silicon Valley office will soon reach out to tech firms that specialize in data visualization. 03/10/2016

  • Congress
    Richard Burr official photo, 114th Congress

    Senate encryption bill expected next week

    The chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee is hopeful that his bi-partisan three-page encryption bill text will be released next week. 03/10/2016

  • Cybersecurity
    Shutterstock image: the White House.

    Can Obama’s cyber commission outlast his administration?

    President Obama's recently announced Commission for Enhancing National Cybersecurity has ambitions to produce an actionable framework that will carry over to the next administration and seeks to invigorate a younger, more diverse cybersecurity workforce pipeline. 03/10/2016