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    Updates from the procurement innovation front

    Steve Kelman checks in on some of his favorite examples of shaking up the government status quo. 02/22/2017

  • Defense
    Defense Secretary Jim Mattis. Army photo by Monica King. Jan. 26, 2017.

    Mattis mulls consolidation in IT, cyber

    In a Feb. 17 memo, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told senior leadership to establish teams to look for duplication across the armed services in business operations, including in IT and cybersecurity. 02/21/2017

  • Oversight
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    GSA watchdog barks at 18F on shadow IT

    Innovation shop 18F is playing by its own rules, according to the General Services Administration's inspector general. 02/21/2017

  • Homeland Security
    Ron Wyden

    Wyden objects to DHS password collection plan

    The Democratic senator hope to block plans, floated by the Homeland Security secretary, to collect social media and mobile device passwords as a condition for travelers to enter the United States. 02/21/2017

  • Homeland Security
    US-Mexico Border wall Nogalez, Az.

    DHS chief takes first steps to building a border wall

    DHS picks sites in Arizona, California and Texas to begin building a planned border wall, and also moves to hire thousands of new border agents. 02/21/2017

  • Cybersecurity
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    Why the private sector shouldn't rely on feds for cybersecurity

    Despite cybersecurity policy advances, former DHS officials say the private sector should not expect much help from the government with hacks and breaches. 02/21/2017

  • Cybersecurity
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    IG: Interior risks exposing sensitive data

    Deficient IT security controls at a core data center put the Department of Interior at risk of exposing sensitive and personally identifiable information. 02/21/2017

  • Critical Infrastructure

    States still seek answers on election tech

    State officials are still pushing for answers from DHS on critical infrastructure designation. DHS wants to talk. 02/17/2017

  • Congress
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    Chaffetz bills would outlaw warrantless stingray use

    Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) introduced two bills that would rein in law enforcement's use of technologies that tracking users via their mobile phones. 02/17/2017

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    DISA CTO to retire

    David Mihelcic spent the final 19 years of his government career with the Defense Information Systems Agency. 02/17/2017

  • Defense
    room of computers

    Big names missing from $5B Army hardware contract

    It looks like several incumbents failed to make the grade as the Army has made awards for the third iteration of its $5 billion Army Desktop and Mobile Computing contract. 02/17/2017

  • Comment

    The future is mobile

    How to balance cybersecurity threats and demographic trends in the federal workforce. 02/17/2017

  • Cybersecurity
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    Why there's no one deterrent for cyber

    Policymakers need to stop looking for a silver bullet deterrence model for cyber and recognize the complexity of the threats, say current and former officials. 02/16/2017

  • Oversight
    US-Mexico Border wall Nogalez, Az.

    Failed SBINet offers lessons for border wall oversight

    With a failed billion-dollar DHS project in mind, the agency's inspector general said he will audit the southern border wall project repeatedly as it is built. 02/16/2017

  • Open Gov
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    Prime time for the Data Act?

    Some early signs suggest that the implementation of the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act could become a policy priority in the Trump administration. 02/16/2017