• Budget
    OMB director Mick Mulvaney

    More from Mulvaney on what makes for a 'good shutdown'

    Washington is "broken," according to the head of the Office of Management and Budget, and maybe a government shutdown can help fix it. 05/08/2017

  • steve kelman

    Dispatches from Riyadh

    Steve Kelman reports from Saudi Arabia, where he finds fascinating tension as a highly conservative country pushes for modernization. 05/08/2017

  • Workforce
    Shutterstock imag (by Benjamin Haas): cyber coded team.

    Legislators call for more flexible cyber hiring and training

    Three Democratic members of Congress want the government to look to private sector practices as a model for hiring and training the federal cybersecurity workforce 05/05/2017

  • Workforce
    Donald Trump April 2017 rally pennsylvania Shutterstock image evan el-amin credit

    No honeymoon for Trump with feds

    President Trump's low public approval ratings are reflected in his unpopularity among the federal workforce. 05/05/2017

  • Intelligence
    ODNI logo

    Intel act highlights cyber, STEM and Russia

    Prioritizing STEM education, improving cybersecurity, reviewing the ODNI and countering Russian influence are among the priorities Congress has spelled out in the 2017 Intelligence Authorization Act. 05/05/2017

  • Veterans Affairs
    David Shulkin USH VA

    VA chief talks commercial Vista

    Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin told House appropriators that the agency was closing in on a decision about the future of its homegrown electronic health record. 05/05/2017

  • Budget
    Shutterstock images (by Ingka D. Jiw and Oberon): ballot box, budget/costs concept.

    Trump signs funding bill, deflecting budget fight to the fall

    The federal government is funded through the end of fiscal year 2017, but big battles and a possible shutdown loom for the 2018 budget. 05/05/2017

  • Critical Read

    Mobile security threats facing feds

    Federal wireless device users face a disparate set of threats, but the government's buying clout is unlikely change the security picture, a new study says. 05/05/2017

  • Open Data
    Image from Shutterstock.com

    Agencies looking beyond Data Act deadline

    The Digital Accountability and Transparency Act’s first submission deadline is a few days away, but agencies are already counting the benefits and looking to future uses. 05/04/2017

  • Budget
    Shutterstock images (honglouwawa & 0beron): Bitcoin image overlay replaced with a dollar sign on a hardware circuit.

    Why CFOs and CIOs need to partner on cybersecurity

    With the government spending billions annually on cybersecurity, it is essential that CIOs and CFOs work together to bake cyber into agency IT budgets, current and former officials say. 05/04/2017

  • Cybersecurity
    Global Data (Shutterstock)

    DHS’ visitor screening improving, GAO official says

    Foreign fighters could be a continuing problem, but DHS is tightening up screening for the Visa Waiver Program, according to the GAO. 05/04/2017

  • Management
    Shutterstock image (by Makkuro GL): crowdsourcing innovation.

    OMB gets avalanche of government improvement suggestions

    The White House call for suggestions from federal employees and the public has brought in over 60,000 submissions. 05/04/2017

  • Legacy IT
    NASA Pleiades supercomputer

    NASA crowdsources HPC software upgrade

    The space agency is running a competition to attract coders to improve the performance of its FUN3D supercomputing simulation software. 05/04/2017

  • Records Management
    Shutterstock image: digital record management.

    Obama archive to go digital

    The National Archives and Records Administration announced it will begin to digitize the unclassified records of the Obama administration, commencing a new model for the storage of future presidential records. 05/03/2017

  • Oversight
    Shutterstock editorial image (by Gil C): State Census Bureau homepage.

    Can the Census Bureau really deliver $5 billion in savings?

    Unexpected cost overruns to critical systems and decisions to cancel or suspend various programs risk eating into the $5 billion in savings proposed by Census Bureau for its 2020 count. 05/03/2017