• Defense
    Navy personnel IT

    Navy retools cyber policy

    The new policy signed by Navy Secretary Ray Mabus sets up a program for preventing insider threats, among other actions. 05/20/2016

  • Workforce
    help wanted ad

    Techies: make bank at CFPB

    With a veteran CIO planning his exit, the CFPB needs a new tech leader – and the agency can offer far more than the typical federal salary. 05/20/2016

  • Internet of Things
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    Smart cities need cash

    Establishing high-tech, more efficient infrastructure across America will require upfront investments, and the Transportation Department's model might be the way to get that funding right. 05/20/2016

  • Congress
    Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.)

    Senators seek to block expanded hacking powers for FBI

    The Justice Department says greater authority is necessary to pursue anonymous criminals, but some senators oppose what they say is an encroachment on Americans' digital rights. 05/20/2016

  • Identity Management

    Britain takes digital ID out of beta as U.S. lags

    The United Kingdom will go live with its governmentwide digital identity platform, GOV.UK Verify, in the coming days. The U.S. government will need a little more time. 05/20/2016

  • Drones

    FAA opens up drone registration database

    The FAA has made its database of hobbyists' and recreational users' unmanned aerial systems more widely available to the public. 05/20/2016

  • Oversight
    Shutterstock image: Capitol building in Washington, D.C.

    Senators want details on new background check bureau

    Two Democrats with oversight responsibilities are asking OPM for specifics about its transition and reorganization plans for a new bureau formed to handle background checks. 05/20/2016

  • Shutterstock image: shadowed hacker.

    Navy to groom 'ethical hackers'

    So-called "red teamers" are in high demand and less-than-full supply at the Defense Department. 05/19/2016

  • Workforce
    Online Privacy - Shutterstock Image

    OMB teaches privacy pros about tech

    The Office of Management and Budget is looking to forge links between privacy and tech experts, to help the two disciplines work together. 05/19/2016

  • Cybersecurity
    Cyberattack, financial services

    Senator asks Fed about SWIFT heist

    Hackers are stealing millions by cracking weak links in SWIFT's interbank money transfer system, and Sen. Tom Carper wants to know what the Fed and others are doing about it. 05/19/2016

  • Cybersecurity
    Shutterstock image: cyber defense.

    Experts split on the federal cyber sprint

    Cybersecurity managers are divided on whether a 30-day cybersecurity "sprint" actually strengthened the government's defenses, according to a new study. 05/19/2016

  • Congress
    Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.)

    With ransomware on the rise, Senate botnet bill gets another shot

    The bipartisan measure, which failed last year, would create a new criminal offense for selling or providing access to botnets. 05/19/2016

  • Management abstract

    A pivot to post-award

    What contracting officer representatives really think is needed to fix contract management. 05/19/2016

  • Census
    Shutterstock image. Copyright: Michele Paccione.

    Feds will be watching for 2020 census stuffers

    The decennial count might stress inclusive approaches, but that doesn't mean no one's checking for fraud. 05/19/2016

  • Management
    Will Hurd

    Some improvement, but no A’s, on FITARA scorecard 2.0

    In the second round of FITARA grades, many agencies improved but none managed to get top IT management marks. 05/18/2016