• Homeland Security
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    Border tech bill clears Senate committee

    A bill to require DHS and components to keep a closer eye on major border security technology acquisitions could soon see a vote in the full Senate. 10/04/2017

  • Cybersecurity
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    Cyber risks loom for energy sector

    Cyberattacks on energy critical infrastructure are the leading threat to the sector, highlighting the need for continued public/private partnerships. 10/04/2017

  • Oversight
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    IRS IT leaders didn't know about $7M Equifax award

    IRS CIO Gina Garza told Congress that she and other tech officials at the tax agency did not sign off on a $7 million contract awarded to Equifax a month after the credit monitoring firm disclosed a massive data breach. 10/04/2017

  • Management
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    Do agencies need more flexibility for reorgs?

    Shared services and workforce reductions are expected to feature prominently in the White House’s plan to reorganize the federal government, but some changes could benefit from additional outside authorities. 10/03/2017

  • Cybersecurity
    Rob Joyce NSA/WH

    White House cyber chief warns on IP theft

    Rob Joyce cautioned that requirements by foreign powers to review IT source code of U.S. vendors could lead to intellectual property theft. 10/03/2017

  • Oversight

    IT outages create headaches for CBP field workers

    Despite a $1.4 billion IT budget, the agency responsible for screening people and cargo entering the U.S. from abroad suffers from system downtime that could lead to increased security risks, according to an internal oversight report. 10/03/2017

  • Cybersecurity
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    Personal info leaked in SEC breach

    The agency has also provided additional details on the scope of its response to the 2016 incident. 10/03/2017

  • Homeland Security

    DHS still pushing to rename cyber shop

    A bill that would rename and federate a key Homeland Security cybersecurity component is key to fueling the agency's efforts in cybersecurity and its overall image, supporters say. 10/03/2017

  • FCC Logo

    FCC names new CTO

    The communications agency tapped researcher Eric Burger to serve as top technology policy advisor. 10/03/2017

  • Comment
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    Let's change the "I" in RFI from information to interaction

    To truly work together, government and industry should do a lot more talking. 10/03/2017

  • People
    Wikimedia image: U.S. Office of Personnel Management seal.

    OPM names new CIO

    Former Maryland CIO David Garcia will replace David DeVries as the top tech official of the Office of Personnel Management. 10/02/2017

  • Management
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    White House cracks down on executive travel

    The same day Tom Price stepped down as secretary of Health and Human Services, the White House put out a memo reminding agency execs not to stick taxpayers with the tab for private travel. 10/02/2017

  • Cybersecurity
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    What should the military do when the lights go out?

    A bill introduced in the House and Senate would look into cyber vulnerabilities of the nation's electric grid and how they affect military readiness. 10/02/2017

  • FirstNet
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    As deadline looms, 22 states opt-in to FirstNet

    FirstNet announced that final decisions are due from governors by Dec. 28 on whether they will use the federally backed interoperable wireless network for first responders. 10/02/2017

  • steve kelman

    Are USDS and 18F becoming part of the govtech ecosystem?

    Steve Kelman talks to both digital recruits and longtime feds about the benefits -- and lingering tensions -- that come from digital service teams. 10/02/2017