• Oversight
    Shutterstock editorial image (by Gil C): State Census Bureau homepage.

    Is census 2020 running out of runway?

    As the timeline shortens, House overseers are demanding that the CIO-less Census Bureau prove it is on track to get the technology and leadership ready for the 2020 headcount. 05/17/2016

  • Congress
    Shutterstock image. Copyright: Ritu Manoj Jethani.

    White House, Congress gird for another NDAA showdown

    Among the provisions the Obama administration opposes is a measure that would codify U.S. Cyber Command as its own unified command and one that would restrict funding for the Pentagon’s prized outreach office in Silicon Valley. 05/17/2016

  • Citizen Services
    IRS Headquarters in Washington, D.C. (Photo credit: Rob Crandall / Shutterstock.com)

    Will new IRS security features lock out legit users?

    The national taxpayer advocate says the IRS will soon quietly roll out upgrades that could dramatically boost online security but lock out legitimate users as a result. 05/17/2016

  • Intelligence
    Wikimedia image: Silicon Valley.

    NGA follows DOD to Silicon Valley

    This summer the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency will open an outpost in Silicon Valley to create a presence for the intelligence agency similar to the Defense Department's DIUx. 05/17/2016

  • Cybersecurity
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    Pentagon bounty program reveals 90 bugs

    The high-profile and unprecedented program is uncovering vulnerabilities in Defense Department websites, and other federal agencies are taking notice. 05/17/2016

  • Internet of Things
    Shutterstock image: internet of things, connectivity.

    How feds, military might deploy consumer IoT gear

    Commercial technology and networks are set to play important roles as federal agencies and the Defense Department seek to harness the Internet of Things. 05/17/2016

  • Veterans Affairs
     Shutterstock image: global health.

    VA edges closer to rollout of new health record platform

    The Department of Veterans Affairs is set to launch its new, modular, web-based electronic health record viewer this summer. 05/17/2016

  • Congress
    Shutterstock image (by Aleksandar Mijatovic): Iranian flag.

    House, Senate bills would urge more sanctions on Iranian hackers

    The Iran Cyber Sanctions Act of 2016 would push the U.S. government to slap more sanctions on Iranian hackers. 05/16/2016

  • Critical Read
    GAO Seal

    How to stay off the High Risk List

    The IBM Center for the Business of Government shares some ideas for staying off the Government Accountability Office's high-profile watch list. 05/16/2016

  • Oversight
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    IGs press Senate on records access

    A group of inspectors general appealed to congressional leaders to change a Justice Department order they say is preventing them from carrying out their oversight duties. 05/16/2016

  • Contracting
    Wikimedia image: U.S. Office of Personnel Management seal.

    OPM: Contractor's departure will not affect operations

    Imperatis had been awarded a crucial contract to carry out the Shell modernization project for OPM. The firm has quit due to "financial distress," according to OPM. 05/16/2016

  • Cybersecurity
    Shutterstock image (by Pavel Ignatov): Alert icon.

    DHS gets past phishing but leaves docs exposed

    An independent audit found that DHS employees were tight-lipped with their passwords but sometimes left sensitive documents in plain sight. 05/16/2016

  • Comment
    Shutterstock image (by ra2studio): young businessman looking at a cloud concept wall.

    Building an agile government with cloud-based analytics

    A combination of public cloud and open-source technology could help agencies bridge the analytics gap. 05/16/2016

  • help wanted sign

    Air Force HR is hiring a CIO

    The IT executive would oversee enterprise architecture and portfolio management for a wide range of Air Force systems and serve as deputy director for plans and integration. 05/16/2016

  • Modernization
    Shutterstock image (by VLADGRIN): cloud concept surrounded by abstract computer network with integrated circles of communication.

    FDA plans major IT refresh

    The Food and Drug Administration is focusing on cloud and mobility in a coming technology overhaul. 05/13/2016