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    The real story about COTS for the VA

    An advocate for the VistA system warns a rush to commercial electronic health records could come with serious risks. 03/14/2017

  • Homeland Security

    Canada, U.S. talk data sharing

    Following on an Obama administration agreement on cross-border data sharing last year, DHS Secretary Kelly meets with Canadian security officials for the first time. 03/14/2017

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    How investing in technology can transform government and cut costs

    A new report shows how, through effective implementation of proven commercial best practice to operations across government, citizens can benefit from over $1 trillion in value over the next decade. 03/14/2017

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    When 'compliance' should be a dirty word

    Steve Kelman makes the case that using the word "comply" can have unintended consequences. 03/13/2017

  • Management
    DJT Joint Session

    Trump's plan to reorganize the federal government

    President Trump signed an executive order promising "a comprehensive plan for reorganizing the federal government." 03/13/2017

  • Innovation
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    'A prototype is worth a thousand meetings'

    SBA CIO Maria Roat is urging agencies to encourage experimentation -- and to not confuse modernization with innovation. 03/13/2017

  • Cybersecurity
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    Should the U.S. stockpile zero days?

    Zero-day vulnerabilities live on average for 6.9 years and have a low rate of discovery by other entities, which could argue in favor of stockpiling them, according to a comprehensive study by the RAND Corporation. 03/13/2017

  • Congress
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    What happens to Healthcare.gov?

    Under the new GOP health care proposal, future online health care marketplaces could be state-based, private or non-existent. 03/13/2017

  • Contracting
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    IT contractor to pay $45 million to settle software overcharge

    Software giant CA will pay the U.S. government $45 million to settle allegations that it overcharged the General Services Administration for software licenses. 03/13/2017

  • Social Media
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    Watchdog: DHS social media screening lacks objectives

    Two DHS components launched social media screening pilots in the wake of the San Bernardino shooting. The agency's internal watchdog wants to see improved coordination and measurable goals. 03/10/2017

  • Cybersecurity
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    Vault 7 leak highlights insider threat

    The WikiLeaks release of alleged CIA hacking program data is the latest example of what one former intelligence official says is the greatest cybersecurity challenge: the insider threat. 03/10/2017

  • Veterans Affairs
    David Shulkin USH VA

    VA chief swears off software development

    In his most pointed comments on IT to date, David Shulkin, secretary of Veterans Affairs, said that the agency will move to off-the-shelf software. 03/10/2017

  • Cybersecurity

    FDIC leads agencies in major cyber incidents

    The bank regulator was responsible for 10 of 16 major information security incidents recorded in the FY2016 FISMA report. 03/10/2017

  • Contracting
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    How budget sequestration affected contracting

    Defense agency contract obligations for IT and telecom services dipped over the last five years under the Budget Control Act, even as civilian side obligations held steady. 03/10/2017

  • Records Management
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    Chaffetz, Cummings push White House on records

    A bipartisan letter from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee seeks information on Trump administration compliance with federal recordkeeping laws. 03/09/2017