• Cybersecurity
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    NIST retools security and privacy controls for IoT era

    NIST expands its security and privacy governance strategies to address the new ecosystem of connected devices. 08/16/2017

  • Workforce
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    DHS cyber shop seeks CTO

    A key cyber hub at the National Protection and Programs Directorate is looking for a top tech officer. 08/16/2017

  • Telecom
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    Verizon plans FirstNet rival

    Verizon says it will carve a dedicated network out of its extensive national 4G LTE network for first responders, in competition with FirstNet. 08/16/2017

  • Comment
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    Can't we all just get along?

    Some friction between senior careerists and political appointees is inevitable, but a little empathy can go a long way. 08/16/2017

  • Intelligence
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    Unclassified ICITE on the horizon

    The intelligence community's cloud-based computing platform is moving into more broadly accessible realms, according to the ODNI's top tech official. 08/15/2017

  • Workforce
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    Can AI tools replace feds?

    The Heritage Foundation is recommending that hundreds of thousands of federal jobs be replaced by automation as part of a larger government reorganization strategy. 08/15/2017

  • Critical Read
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    The future of prediction in an unpredictable world

    Agility and prediction are not mutually exclusive in government decision-making, according to a new study. 08/15/2017

  • Congress
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    Senators look to pass MGT via defense bill

    The Modernizing Government Technology Act could become law via a defense bill, like its predecessors FITARA and Clinger-Cohen. 08/15/2017

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    Walking toward change

    A father-daughter story about cancer recovery and organizational improvement. 08/15/2017

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    Trump targets China for IP policies

    A new presidential memorandum tasks the U.S. Trade Representative with addressing China’s policy of compelling foreign companies to divulge trade secrets in exchange for access to the Chinese markets. 08/14/2017

  • Budget

    Time to start planning for a government shutdown

    Neither the looming debt limit nor the lack of appropriations is likely to shutter agencies this fall, but the risk is too great to be ignored. 08/14/2017

  • Cybersecurity
    DOD Common Access Cards

    DOD pushes toward CAC replacement

    Defense officials hope the Common Access Card's days are numbered as they continue to test new identity management solutions. 08/14/2017

  • DNA strand

    IARPA looks to hand-held genetic testing

    IARPA wants help developing next-generation genetic sequencing technology that it can use in hand-held devices. 08/14/2017

  • Cybersecurity
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    DHS elevates Driggers to senior cyber post

    Rick Driggers is moving to the deputy slot at the Office of Cybersecurity and Communications at DHS. 08/14/2017

  • Workforce
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    Expanding the cyber talent pool

    Attracting younger and more diverse talent to fill the growing federal cybersecurity skills gap requires outreach from agencies as well as some prompting from Congress. 08/11/2017