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  • Cloud
    Shutterstock image:  cloud computing enabling numerous applications.

    FedRAMP high is coming soon

    The federal government's cloud authorizing program is getting set to approve services for high-impact applications and data. 01/14/2016

  • Workforce
    Wikimedia image: Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) logo.

    FBI seeks CIO

    Whoever takes the gig will be called on to carry the FBI forward in an era of cloud computing and data center consolidation. 01/13/2016

  • Interior
    Shutterstock image (by Ivan Lukyanchuk): web development concept.

    Report: Oregon militants use federal IT to make website

    The militants occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon reportedly have access to government computers, and one member is making a website within the compound. 01/13/2016

  • Congress
    Mac Thornberry

    U.S. must keep pace with China in cyberspace

    Despite the talent at NSA and U.S. Cyber Command, there is a mismatch between Chinese and U.S. investments in cyberspace, said House Armed Services Committee Chairman Mac Thornberry. 01/13/2016

  • Critical Read
    Shutterstock image: mobile enterprise.

    Why agencies should adopt a "mobile first" strategy

    A new report says agencies have room for improvement when it comes to offering mobile apps and making their websites mobile-friendly. 01/13/2016

  • IARPA taps Dixon as deputy director

    Stacey Dixon, most recently a deputy director at NGA, has significant Capitol Hill experience. 01/13/2016

  • Health IT
    health data

    CMS seeks to help states open new paths for Medicaid IT

    The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services launched an IT resource site that connects state governments with potential vendors that can help modernize state-run Medicaid systems. 01/13/2016

  • Contracting
    FirstNet logo.

    Final FirstNet RFP hits the streets

    FirstNet's final RFP for the planned nationwide public safety network includes a dedicated cybersecurity section and a ramped payment schedule for winning contractor. 01/13/2016

  • Management
    Gender bias

    Office etiquette? There's a bot for that.

    Slackbots offer a new way for agencies to guide employees' workplace conversations, but there are limits to bots' ability to save people from uncomfortable confrontations. 01/13/2016

  • Congress

    Wassenaar Arrangement could get a redo over cyber

    Lawmakers heard from skeptical industry experts on the export control policy and process of implementing the 2013 amendments to the Wassenaar Arrangement. 01/13/2016

  • Management
    Paul Hakimata Photography/

    You can never start a transition too early

    The wheels are in motion for the next handoff of presidential power in 2017, and while government has plenty to do, outside partnerships are forming a key part of the "let's not mess this transition up" coalition. 01/13/2016

  • White House

    State of the Union is light on cyber, but touches on online terror

    President Obama's final State of the Union address was light on tech, and was his first in many years not to directly address cybersecurity. 01/12/2016

  • Cybersecurity
    Jeb Bush. Photo from campaign website.

    Jeb Bush plans to hold government IT managers accountable

    In an op-ed for Business Insider, the GOP presidential candidate called for "the federal government must put its own house in order, prioritizing to reflect the urgency and importance of protecting key databases and communications." 01/12/2016

  • Cybersecurity
    McCain at Heritage today.

    McCain slams White House’s cyber deterrence plan

    The Obama administration's long-anticipated cyber deterrence plan doesn't feature enough offense for Sen. John McCain. 01/12/2016

  • Management
    Shutterstock image: vector of managerial skills utilized throughout a project.

    Indie CIOs fall under FITARA's scope

    A spending bill provision expands CIO budget authority to independent agencies, but whether or how agencies will actually change their operations is an open question. 01/12/2016

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