• ExecTech
    Social Media Tree

    Social media: The next generation of archiving

    Agencies have gotten into the habit of archiving email, but now they face the task of preserving another category of electronic documents: social media communications. 11/25/2013

  • Cloud Computing
    keyhole digital

    10 steps toward FedRAMP compliance

    After June 2014, agencies can use only cloud service providers that are FedRAMP-compliant. Here's what CSPs must do to get there. 10/21/2013

  • ExecTech
    iPhone fingerprint reader

    Biometrics go mobile

    The iPhone's fingerprint scanner could usher in a new era of authentication for mobile devices, but agencies are a long way from abandoning pass codes. 10/07/2013

  • Storage Technology
    memory chips

    Feds tiptoe toward in-memory computing

    The high cost and uncertainty of returns of in-memory computing platforms previously kept all but the most cash-flush organizations or agencies from exploring the technology, which allows rapid access to vast volumes of data. 09/24/2013

  • ExecTech

    3 steps to make existing IT more agile

    Agile methodology can help agencies ensure that IT dollars are well spent by improving the maintenance of existing systems. 09/23/2013

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    call center

    CRM: When C stands for citizen

    The image of an office full of call-center employees wearing headsets to communicate with customers is a common association for customer relationship management, but it is woefully outdated. Social media and big data are among the forces transforming CRM, and agencies are catching on. 09/09/2013

  • ExecTech
    virtual desktop abstract

    Finding new ways to manage in a virtual desktop world

    Virtual desktops have gone from an interesting idea to a technology agencies embrace in increasingly large deployments. To move to virtual machines, however, requires a fresh look at security, standardization and the skills of your IT employees. 08/12/2013

  • Software Development
    image of man and programming code

    CBP debuts the latest result of agile development program

    Border agency is using agile software development to incrementally improve its Document Image System. 07/31/2013

  • ExecTech
    Smartphone in hand

    Mobile usability: Targeting the tool to the audience

    Agencies are ramping up efforts to reach the public via mobile technology, and finding that the endeavor is not as simple as it might look. Questions such as which mobile platform is best suited for the job are important to answer correctly. 07/22/2013

  • ExecTech
    smart meter

    Let the machines do the talking

    By taking humans out of the equation, machine-to-machine (M2M) communication holds great promise for agencies that need to collect and analyze large amounts of data. However, it's not always easy to implement. 06/24/2013

  • ExecTech
    data door

    Putting open data to use

    Posting spreadsheets to Data.gov is no longer enough. Agencies are increasingly using open data — their own and from other sources — in pursuit of core missions. 06/10/2013

  • Cloud
    hands and cloud

    The cloud, simplified

    Gartner futurist provides advice for agencies hoping to cut through the buzzwords. 05/31/2013

  • ExecTech
    flash drive

    Storage optimization: Flash finds some government niches

    For high-end applications and virtualization projects that depend on reliable storage, flash technology offers a tantalizing solution. The technology's speed and performance come at a price, though. Read about the trade-offs and some places in government where flash storage is proving useful. 05/13/2013

  • Communications
    large broadcasting antenna

    The search for more spectrum

    Much of the wireless spectrum coveted for next-generation broadband is currently used by federal agencies. The pressure to share -- or move -- is building. 04/22/2013

  • ExecTech
    modular data center

    Modular data centers: Weighing the pros and cons

    A prefab approach to changing needs can help agencies quickly boost their IT capacity and save energy, but it's not for everyone. 04/08/2013

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  • Comment
    security breach (Song_about_summer/Shutterstock.com)

    The CISO reporting structure is broken

    The commitment to managing cyber risk is a primary concern, but is often consolidated with IT priorities. This creates a conflict – does IT or security come out on top? 10/14/2021

  • Comment
    threat detection

    Cyber EO compliance is a full-time job

    Unified security controls, supply chain security, zero trust and smart procurement decisions are all pieces of the puzzle. 09/30/2021

  • Comment
    cloud automation (Omelchenko/Shutterstock.com)

    Leveraging OSCAL for FedRAMP authorizations

    An automated FedRAMP review process will speed up authorizations, drive continuous improvement and put cloud service providers in the driver's seat. 09/07/2021