• Cybersecurity
    By Gorodenkoff shutterstock ID 761940757

    Waging cyber war without a rulebook

    As the U.S. looks to go on the offense in the cyber domain, critical questions remain unanswered around who will take the lead and how clearly to draw the rules of engagement. 07/10/2018

  • Defense
    The Pentagon (Photo by Ivan Cholakov / Shutterstock)

    How to fix the Pentagon's acquisition workforce problems in one week

    Section 809 Panel Chair David Drabkin and Commissioner N. Ross Thompson III explained how their latest report on streamlining acquisition could help the DOD with workforce woes. 07/05/2018

  • Acquisition
    By julia.m shutterstock ID: 779956477

    GSA looks to streamline acquisition for federal buyers

    The new Order Level Materials ordering upgrade to schedule contracts can speed up agency buys. 07/05/2018

  • Comment
    shutterstock ID: 377287183 By Rei and Motion Studio

    The misguided campaign to undermine OTAs and innovation

    The potential benefits of Other Transaction Authority are being threatened by legacy IT incumbents looking out for their bottom line. 07/05/2018

  • Acquisition
    shutterstock image By enzozo; photo ID: 319763930

    SEWP preps for year-end surge

    The NASA-managed governmentwide IT contract is adding personnel for the year-end agency spending jag. 07/02/2018

  • Legacy IT
    Shutterstock photo ID: photo ID: 245503636 By Mark Van Scyoc Sign outside the Internal Revenue Service building in downtown Washington, DC on December 26, 2014.

    Trump IRS pick faces massive IT challenge

    Charles Rettig, the Trump administration's pick to lead the IRS, told lawmakers at his June 28 confirmation hearing that the tax agency's legacy tech is one of its most critical challenges. 06/29/2018

  • Cybersecurity
    By BeeBright shutterstock ID: 789734968

    New rule covers purchasing authority for cyber emergencies

    The federal government is moving to expand emergency procurement authority for purchases used to respond to or recover from a cyber attack, according to a new proposed rule in the Federal Register. 06/28/2018

  • IT Modernization
    shutterstock image By enzozo; photo ID: 319763930

    MGT money zeroed out in Senate funding bill

    After receiving $100 million in funding last year, money for the Technology Modernization Fund in fiscal year 2019 may not be a sure thing. 06/26/2018

  • Aquisition
    Shutterstock ID 169474442 By Maxx-Studio

    Can government do e-commerce?

    Congress mandated that the government give federal buyers an Amazon.com-style shopping experience, but it's not as easy as it looks. 06/26/2018

  • Comment
    processes (NicoElNino/Shutterstock.com)

    Short-term savings or long-term transformation?

    With the Trump administration's government reorganization plan out, it's worth examining strategies for how to balance demands for budget cuts with big-picture organizational change. 06/25/2018

    cloud migration (deepadesigns/Shutterstock.com)

    A cloud reality check

    FCW recently gathered a group of cloud specialists, CTOs and other agency leaders to discuss the cloud conversations they're having and the steps they believe will help agencies find a real and lasting return on investment in the cloud. 06/25/2018

  • Acquisition
    By julia.m shutterstock ID: 779956477

    Regulators grapple with supply chain security

    The government wants to crack down on cybersecurity threats and counterfeits in the global tech supply chain without harming U.S. companies. 06/22/2018

  • Procurement
    market research By Rawpixel.com Royalty-free stock photo ID: 275245526

    Small biz programs for contractors could be consolidated in reorg

    A White House proposal would harmonize multiple federal programs for small business funding and contracting certification at the Small Business Administration. 06/21/2018

  • Procurement
    Shutterstock ID 577492282 By William Potter

    GSA closes in on e-commerce portal plan

    In an industry day for its planned e-commerce portal, GSA officials addressed vendor concerns and pressed for more ideas on how to develop the effort. 06/21/2018

  • Management
    By Andrea Izzotti shutterstock id 147037244

    White House proposes wide-ranging government reorg

    A White House plan to reorganize and consolidate agencies across government includes changes to federal employee services and customer experience. 06/21/2018

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