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  • Acquisition
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    GSA digs into shared payroll system issues

    The Unified Shared Services Management office is asking industry how it can improve the way agencies pay federal employees. 07/29/2016

  • Cybersecurity

    Should election systems be considered critical infrastructure?

    Voting machines and the databases behind them don't clearly fall into any of DHS' categories of critical infrastructure, but some experts say that should change. 07/29/2016

  • How It Works
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    Understanding how FITARA grades are calculated

    The Government Accountability Office plays a big role in determining whether agencies are successfully implementing FITARA. 07/27/2016

  • Policy
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    OMB issues A-130 update

    The long-awaited update to Circular A-130 addresses a range of cybersecurity issues, including insider threats and feds' use of personal email accounts at work. 07/27/2016

  • Acquisition

    OMB's new one-stop shop for digital services

    A new site, developed by OMB and USDS, gives feds a one-stop shop for information and best practices for digital services acquisition. 07/26/2016

  • Comment

    The push for enterprise risk management

    Savvy agency leaders are already integrating holistic ERM into decision-making processes as they wait for new guidance from OMB. 07/26/2016

  • Acquisition
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    At CHESS, Army gets flexible on contracting

    The contracting regime run by the Army's Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions is moving into a new phase with big implications for federal IT acquisition. 07/26/2016

  • Comment
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    How to be a more effective IT buyer

    Armed with data on their spending patterns, suppliers and markets, agencies can manage their demand for IT and shape suppliers' behavior. 07/25/2016

  • Procurement
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    GSA needs to keep a sharper eye on reseller prices

    GSA's inspector general says the agency must do a better job of ensuring the government receives competitive pricing from resellers, which often charge different prices on different contracts. 07/25/2016

  • Budget
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    How much modernization could the ITMF fund?

    The administration has called for a $3.1 billion revolving IT Modernization Fund. That's a small share of the more than $80 billion agencies spend annually on IT, but still counts are real money. FCW puts it in perspective 07/22/2016

  • Acquisition
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    A $5.8B argument for better IT management

    IT COST Commission releases new taxonomy and metrics for managing IT spend, and says big agency savings can result from better data. 07/21/2016

  • Cloud
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    Can 18F's pass FedRAMP review?

    The team details its ongoing efforts to secure a provisional authority to operate. 07/18/2016

  • Comment
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    How military strategy can improve cyber response

    Cyberattacks will occur. Preparation is the key -- and civilian agencies could take a cue from the military’s sustained readiness model. 07/18/2016

  • Congress
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    Move over, ITMF?

    The MOVE IT Act, which takes a different approach to funding IT modernization that the administration has proposed, may have a better chance of clearing Congress. 07/15/2016

  • Comment
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    Let's put the 'funded' back in FFRDC

    Federally funded research and development centers are vital test beds for new IT, but they can't operate without adequate resources. 07/15/2016

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