• Budget
    OMB Director Mick Mulvaney at the Government Publishing Office prior to the release of administration

    Trump budget pushes IT modernization

    As expected, the proposed federal budget contains $228 million for a general fund for IT modernization projects. 05/23/2017

  • IT Modernization
    Shutterstock image (by Ismagilov): restructuring business processes.

    Stars aligning for shared services?

    Federal IT leaders are sending strong signals to market players that government is preparing to shift to shared services at scale. 05/22/2017

  • Acquisition
    Shutterstock image: a single luminous box among similar grey, ordered boxes.

    Forcing culture change at DOD

    Study after study has argued that the Department of Defense is risk averse and unable to rapidly adapt to changing technology. One former official says it's time to use force to change innovation culture at the Pentagon. 05/22/2017

  • Homeland Security
    Shutterstock image: charting data.

    GAO: DHS coming up short on FITARA implementation

    The Department of Homeland Security needs to strengthen and formalize CIO contract approval and evaluation procedures to fully comply with FITARA, according to a new report. 05/19/2017

  • Budget
    Shutterstock image (by haveseen): a puzzle of hundred dollar bills.

    Leaked budget document shows MGT funding in place

    A spreadsheet of the Trump administration's 2018 budget request leaked to the group Third Way indicates support for a technology modernization fund. 05/19/2017

  • Defense
    Photo credit: Sean Lyngaas

    Thornberry introduces DOD acquisition reform bill

    While the DOD is working through major acquisition reforms mandated by the 2017 NDAA, the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee is trying to streamline the way the DOD buys smaller goods and services and audits the process. 05/18/2017

  • Budget
    Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-S.C.)

    OMB chief: People are 'immune to the true costs of government'

    To achieve a balanced budget without tax hikes would require a 12 to 13 percent cut in government spending, said OMB Director Mick Mulvaney. 05/18/2017

  • Acquisition
    Image of the Pentagon

    Why DIUx shouldn't exist

    While DIUx is addressing defense innovation and acquisition shortfalls, experts say the need for a procurement acceleration program shows just how broken the acquisition process is. 05/17/2017

  • Congress
    Shutterstock image

    $500M IT modernization bill passes House

    The Modernizing Government Technology Act passed the House of Representatives on a voice vote, but the Senate outlook is less certain. 05/17/2017

  • Management
    Claire Grady

    Career procurement exec tapped for top management post at DHS

    Claire Grady, who has held senior procurement positions at the Defense Department and the Department of Homeland Security, is President Trump's nominee for deputy undersecretary for management at DHS. 05/17/2017

  • Critical Read

    NIST's school for cyber

    The federal government's standards setter is offering agencies advice on how to implement the cybersecurity framework. 05/16/2017

  • IT Modernization
    Shutterstock images (honglouwawa & 0beron): Bitcoin image overlay replaced with a dollar sign on a hardware circuit.

    Where the MGT money will go

    Tech leaders are already planning how to spend the money in the Modernizing Government Technology Act. 05/16/2017

  • Oversight
    Shutterstock image: workforce organization chart.

    IGs say hiring freeze, budget cuts hurt oversight

    Inspectors general report that the hiring freeze negatively affected their operations and raised concerns that proposed budget cuts could jeopardize their ability to conduct oversight. 05/12/2017

  • Comment
    illustration dollar sign in vise

    A $20B argument for passing the MGT Act

    How to shift leverage back to government deal-makers and fund IT modernization from within. 05/12/2017

  • Workforce
    Sen Heidi Heitkamp

    Heitkamp to offer workforce reform bill

    Hiring flexibility and attracting younger workers are key goals in workforce legislation set to be introduced in the Senate. 05/11/2017

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