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    security (ranjith ravindran/Shutterstock.com)

    Promoting an innovative workforce through DevSecOps

    DevSecOps has the power to set a new standard for the way the DOD -- and the rest of the federal government -- executes work. 01/25/2021

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    Royalty-free stock illustration ID: 110138069 by 3dreams

    Senate Dems demand answers on DOJ's hack exposure

    A group of Democratic senators want detailed answers from the Justice Department and the judiciary branch by the end of the month about the impact of the SolarWinds breach. 01/23/2021

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    devops development

    Navy to stand up DevSecOps task force

    The task force, which is planned for March, is responsible for delivering recommendations that would become the Navy's enterprise-wide roadmap for implementing DevSecOps. 01/22/2021

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    cloud analysis (istorsvetlana/Shutterstock.com)

    Trump issues last-minute order targeting foreign cyber threats

    A Jan. 19 executive order from Donald Trump in the waning hours of his presidency aims to force cloud providers to keep more complete records about their customers to support U.S. investigations of hacks and other computer crimes. 01/20/2021

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    WILKES-BARRE, PA - AUGUST 2, 2018: Donald Trump, President of the United States pauses with a concerned expression while delivering a speech at a campaign rally held at the Mohegan Sun Arena. Editorial credit: Evan El-Amin / Shutterstock.com image number 1515374468

    SolarWinds hack blights the Trump administration's cybersecurity record

    The consequences of the SolarWinds Orion hack are far from clear, but analysts and lawmakers say that officials at CISA and NSA made notable strides to improve the government's cybersecurity posture. 01/19/2021

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    laptop cloud concept (Andrey Suslov/Shutterstock.com)

    Telework, BYOD and DEOS

    Telework made the idea of bringing your own device a top priority as the Defense Information Systems Agency begins transitioning to a permanent version of the commercial virtual remote environment. 01/15/2021

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    US Government photo. NSA headquarters, Ft. Meade MD

    Rob Joyce to lead NSA cyber office

    Joyce's predecessor, Anne Neuberger, is joining President-elect Joe Biden's administration as a deputy national security advisor. 01/15/2021

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    SolarWinds fallout makes secure communications a critical first line of defense

    Crisis situations like this one can induce the fog-of-war and lead to tradeoffs during remediation. While we may not know the full extent of the damage for some time, as is always the case in an event like this, we need to stop the bleeding. We must not afford the adversary an easy path to more information. 01/15/2021

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    image credit: VP Brothers/shutterstock.com

    Biden floats $9B boost to TMF as part of funding surge

    The incoming Biden-Harris administration announced a $1.9 trillion "rescue" package to help Americans whose incomes have taken a hit from the pandemic, which includes a major uptick in technology spending to secure government systems and spur modernization. 01/14/2021

  • Cybersecurity

    FireEye not ready to ascribe SolarWinds hack to Russia

    The cybersecurity firm credited with discovering the compromise of SolarWinds Orion isn't saying that Russia didn't do it, but that more evidence is needed to make a definitive attribution. 01/14/2021

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    secure network (vs148/Shutterstock.com)

    Evanina: Number of known SolarWinds victims 'will continue to grow'

    A top counterintelligence official today said the number of known federal agencies affected by the SolarWinds hack will likely to continue to rise beyond initial estimates. 01/12/2021

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    military cloud

    DISA to take over defense cloud implementation

    The Defense Department's cloud office will have a new home at the Defense Information Systems Agency later this month. 01/08/2021

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    counter-uas technology (DARPA)

    Pentagon releases counterdrone strategy

    The DOD's strategy to counter small unmanned aircraft systems includes curbing drones used in disruptive cyber and electromagnetic attacks. 01/08/2021

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    Judiciary systems compromised in SolarWinds breach

    The office that manages the country's electronic judicial filing system this week announced it was exposed to a vulnerability in SolarWinds Orion. 01/08/2021

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    Sen. Mark Warner (Photo by Mark Reinstein/Shutterstock)

    Warner: White House 'again' holding back on naming Russia

    The Virginia Democrat, who is set to become the chairman of the intelligence committee, also called a "full sum review" of reporting obligations by public and private sector entities following cybersecurity breaches. 01/07/2021

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