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  • Budget
    DJT Joint Session

    Trump's 2018 budget plan hacks civilian spending for defense, homeland

    As promised, a budget blueprint from the Trump administration prioritizes military and homeland security spending, and pays for increases with dramatic cuts to civilian agencies. 03/16/2017

  • Congress
    Claire McCaskill

    McCaskill pushes DHS to clarify rules for election aid

    Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) pushed DHS for clarity on what exactly the designation of election systems as critical infrastructure will mean for states. 03/15/2017

  • Innovation
    Congress Icon/Shutterstock

    Does Congress need a digital service?

    As trust in elected officials and media reaches historic lows, open government advocates believe increased transparency and public engagement are vital to rebuilding that faith. 03/14/2017

  • Congress
    Shutterstock image: medical professional interacting with a futuristic interface.

    What happens to

    Under the new GOP health care proposal, future online health care marketplaces could be state-based, private or non-existent. 03/13/2017

  • Veterans Affairs
    David Shulkin USH VA

    VA chief swears off software development

    In his most pointed comments on IT to date, David Shulkin, secretary of Veterans Affairs, said that the agency will move to off-the-shelf software. 03/10/2017

  • Records Management
    Shutterstock image (by Tim Masters): okay sign emerging from a pile of shredded papers.

    Chaffetz, Cummings push White House on records

    A bipartisan letter from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee seeks information on Trump administration compliance with federal recordkeeping laws. 03/09/2017

  • Oversight
    Shutterstock images (honglouwawa & 0beron): Bitcoin image overlay replaced with a dollar sign on a hardware circuit.

    IGs: budget cuts could put cybersecurity at risk

    Inspectors general fear that budget cuts could force agencies to choose between spending on program operations and cybersecurity. 03/09/2017

  • Cybersecurity

    Industry calls for more cyber threat context from DHS

    The Department of Homeland Security is not providing enough context around the cyber threat indicators it shares with the private sector for firms to use the data effectively, say industry leaders. 03/09/2017

  • Workforce
    Shutterstock image (by Jirsak): customer care, relationship management, and leadership concept.

    Oversight bills seek to restrict union activity

    Two Republican lawmakers introduced bills that would limit the amount of time that federal employees spend on union activities during work hours. 03/08/2017

  • Homeland Security
    Elaine Duke DHS

    DHS nominee grilled on wall costs

  • Congress
    file folders on a background with binary code

    Lawmakers target disappearing records

    Two bills before the House Oversight committee deal with the problem of electronic records being altered or lost. 03/07/2017

  • Contracting
    Shutterstock image (by retrorocket): Caught in red tape.

    Senate votes to repeal 'blacklisting' rule

    In a close vote, the Senate passed a resolution to eliminate the so-called blacklisting rule for federal contractors. 03/07/2017

  • Workforce
    Jason Chaffetz and Mark Meadows

    House panel wants answers from the Army on hiring freeze exemptions

    The Pentagon said it was going to exempt childcare for military families from the civilian hiring freeze, but Republican leaders on a key House committee want answers from the Army on implementation. 03/06/2017

  • Congress
    Shutterstock image: weapons tech design

    2017 defense bill advances

    The House Appropriations Committee has introduced the final $578 billion defense spending bill for the remainder of FY2017. It's an $11 billion increase over 2016, but far short of what defense hawks say is needed going forward. 03/03/2017

  • Defense
    Shutterstock image (by alienant): An aerial view of the pentagon rendered as a vector.

    DOD vague on AT&L split

    The Department of Defense met its to update Congress on progress towards splitting the office of Acquisition, Technology and Logistics, but provided few details on what the split will look like. 03/03/2017

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