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  • Workforce
    Sen Heidi Heitkamp

    Heitkamp to offer workforce reform bill

    Hiring flexibility and attracting younger workers are key goals in workforce legislation set to be introduced in the Senate. 05/11/2017

  • Open Government
    Shutterstock image.

    New spending site debuts

    The latest version of opens access to federal spending information mandated by the Data Act. 05/11/2017

  • Workforce
    David Shulkin USH VA

    Court tosses VA's expedited firing authority

    A federal court invalidated part of a 2014 law that makes it easier to fire VA workers, and the agency wants a replacement from Congress. 05/10/2017

  • Law Enforcement
    FBI Director James Comey, testifying March 25 before a House Appropriations subcommittee.

    Will Comey's encryption legacy at FBI go dark?

    Politics aside, what does the firing of FBI Director James Comey mean for the future of cybersecurity law enforcement and the debate over commercial encryption? 05/10/2017

  • Congress
    Claire McCaskill

    McCaskill slams 'turf wars' over cyber

    Why some senators and private sector players think big changes are needed in the U.S. approach to cybersecurity. 05/10/2017

  • Defense
    Heather Wilson, former US Rep, current Secy USAF

    Wilson confirmed as Air Force secretary

    The Senate confirmed Heather Wilson as the new secretary of the Air Force just days after the Trump administration's second nominee for Army secretary withdrew from consideration. 05/09/2017

  • Defense
    Michael Rogers

    Rogers: 'cyber war' is here to stay

    The head of U.S. Cyber Command told senators that the Trump administration is looking to speed up the tempo of cyber operations. 05/09/2017

  • Intelligence
    Lindsey Graham swears in former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates and James Clapper, former director of the Office of National Intelligence.

    DOJ warned Flynn could be blackmailed by Russia

    Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates told the Senate Judiciary Committee she warned the White House on Jan. 26 that then-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was vulnerable to blackmail by Russia. 05/08/2017

  • Open Data
    Shutterstock image: government access keyboard.

    As big deadline hits, lawmakers warn on long-term risks to Data Act

    Agencies are due to report their first tranche of spending data under the Data Act on May 9, but lawmakers are framing the milestone date as a starting point. 05/08/2017

  • Workforce
    Shutterstock imag (by Benjamin Haas): cyber coded team.

    Legislators call for more flexible cyber hiring and training

    Three Democratic members of Congress want the government to look to private sector practices as a model for hiring and training the federal cybersecurity workforce 05/05/2017

  • Intelligence
    ODNI logo

    Intel act highlights cyber, STEM and Russia

    Prioritizing STEM education, improving cybersecurity, reviewing the ODNI and countering Russian influence are among the priorities Congress has spelled out in the 2017 Intelligence Authorization Act. 05/05/2017

  • Veterans Affairs
    David Shulkin USH VA

    VA chief talks commercial Vista

    Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin told House appropriators that the agency was closing in on a decision about the future of its homegrown electronic health record. 05/05/2017

  • Budget
    Shutterstock images (by Ingka D. Jiw and Oberon): ballot box, budget/costs concept.

    Trump signs funding bill, deflecting budget fight to the fall

    The federal government is funded through the end of fiscal year 2017, but big battles and a possible shutdown loom for the 2018 budget. 05/05/2017

  • Critical Read

    Mobile security threats facing feds

    Federal wireless device users face a disparate set of threats, but the government's buying clout is unlikely change the security picture, a new study says. 05/05/2017

  • Oversight
    Shutterstock editorial image (by Gil C): State Census Bureau homepage.

    Can the Census Bureau really deliver $5 billion in savings?

    Unexpected cost overruns to critical systems and decisions to cancel or suspend various programs risk eating into the $5 billion in savings proposed by Census Bureau for its 2020 count. 05/03/2017

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