A top senate democrat asks the defense watchdog to investigate a new batch of missing Jan. 6 texts

“I don’t know whether the failure to preserve these critical government texts from Jan. 6 is the result of bad faith, stunning incompetence, or outdated records management policies, but we must get to the bottom of it,” said Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill.

National Cyber Director’s office sheds light on forthcoming cybersecurity strategy

Building a more resilient cyber ecosystem tops the list, according to a top official from the office tasked with leading the initiative. 

How the cyber ambassador in waiting plans to control $1.5 billion for open networks

The recently passed “CHIPS and Science Act” funds a grants program that the new State Department official will have a key role in steering, including to telecom networking firms.

NIST, CISA finalizing guidance for identity and access management post-SolarWinds

The epic intrusion campaign has turned up the brights on vendors providing authentication services, but agencies will still need to be actively engaged for effective implementation.

National Computer Forensics Institute up for reauthorization

The proposal would continue NCFI’s services through 2028 for any government employee who could help prevent or investigate cyber crimes.

A top senate democrat has asked DOJ to investigate missing Jan. 6 text messages

The Homeland Security watchdog has been under fire for its handling of the matter. 

Senators introduce bill to ensure resiliency of federal data centers

The proposal would establish baseline safeguards for cybersecurity and physical issues like natural disasters.

Lawmakers question DOJ’s National Security Division on cybersecurity, surveillance

The House Judiciary Committee raised concerns over  three hostile foreign actors that breached court systems in early 2020, in addition to questions about the surveillance of Americans.

Faster attacks have Cyber Command looking to add all-too-scarce experts

“I think the only way that I'm going to be able to do that in the near term is to grow the workforce myself,” command official says.

GenCyber: NSA sets up summer camps to teach kids to hack

Steve Kelman finds the normally secretive agency's camps an intriguing way to offer a taste of cybersecurity careers to middle and high school students.

NIST revises cybersecurity guidelines specifically for HIPAA

NIST will accept comments on the updated draft publication regarding HIPAA’s Security Rule until September 21. 

TSA revises cyber rules for pipelines

The Transportation Security Administration reissued its pipeline cybersecurity directive to offer flexibility to operators.

Senators look to thwart future quantum hacks

The Quantum Computing Cybersecurity Preparedness Act would instruct the federal government to accelerate preparations for defending against future exploits powered by quantum computing.

Biden administration looks to jumpstart cyber training

At a White House event, the Labor and Commerce Departments announced a 120-day apprenticeship sprint to offer pathways into cybersecurity jobs.

Cyber looms large in House NDAA

From establishing the National Digital Reserve Corps to setting term limits at CISA, here’s what you need to know about the tech and cyber amendments currently featured in the House version of the FY2023 NDAA.

NIST selects 12 companies for implementing post-quantum cryptography 

Officials leading a standardization effort—based on four winning algorithms—are relying heavily on industry for success.

CISA’s first international office set to open later this month in London

CISA’s planned international attaché office will help promote the agency’s first-ever global strategy announced last year.