2011 Budget

Budget austerity is coming -- what should you do?

The next few federal budgets are certain to be smaller then they once were. The proper response for agencies might be surprising.

Will we ever again have a budget?

Congressional budget battles have led to three near-shutdown moments already this year, and a fourth one might be just weeks away.

House averts government shutdown

The House of Representatives has passed a short-term measure that will keep the government running until Nov. 18.

Get used to shutdown risks

A smooth budget process isn't likely anytime soon, but agencies may be getting used to it.

Budget battles: Transparency sites take a major hit

Cuts to the E-Government Fund jeopardize President Barack Obama's transparency initiatives.

Panel could cut defense budget further

The House Appropriations Committee has proposed spending caps for its 12 subcommittees to trim billions of dollars from the fiscal 2012 budget.

Debt limit fight could bring back shutdown specter

House Speaker John Boehner says he wants to see trillions of dollars in spending cuts as part of the legislation to increase the country's debt limit.

House bill would stop most federal hiring

The Federal Hiring Freeze Act is introduced by Rep. Tom Marino (R-Pa.).

Is the federal IT market reason for despair?

Federal agencies will have less ability to hire contractors in coming years, a budgetary reality that has some contractors worried.

Budget squeeze: One CIO's story of survival

EPA's new CIO, Malcolm Jackson, proposes five steps to making progress on IT during a time of doing "three things with the same dollars that we used to do two things with."

IT success on a shoestring: 5 tips

Struggling with IT programs on a shrinking budget? One agency CIO has set five priorities for succeeding at IT management in a time of fiscal restraint.

The real cost of continuing resolutions

As DOD seeks to reduce spending, the Pentagon's top acquisition official says that cutting big-ticket weapons programs won't be enough to generate serious savings.

Buzz Factor: FCW's most-read stories

With the fiscal 2011 budget settled, the 2012 budget now takes center stage.

Budget battle leaves defense industry's confidence shaken

The impact of the continuing resolutions that have paralyzed defense spending for months became more acute with the recent budget showdown, and the damage will remain in play.

Obama signs 2011 spending bill

President Barack Obama signed the fiscal 2011 spending bill.

Congress passes full-year funding

Congress has passed the agreed-upon legislation to fund the remainder of fiscal 2011.

IT programs face big cuts in new spending bill

The budget agreement between Congress and the White House would cut nearly $40 billion overall in federal spending. IT programs are a large part of that.