2012 Budget

Defense IT: Preparing for the worst and other survival strategies in 2012

Although everyone will feel the pain of budget cuts in the days ahead, some areas of defense IT will fare better than others.

Where does DOD enterprise e-mail really stand?

More than a year into the program, there are more questions than ever when it comes to DOD enterprise e-mail.

Defense cloud plans still up in the air

Defense Department plans for migrating services to commercial clouds will be revealed in the coming weeks.

2012 forecast: Pressure builds across gov IT

25 IT, policy and management challenges that could disrupt your operations.

DOD: Industry partnerships still central despite budget cuts

As the Defense Department plans for smaller budgets, contractors worry about their own fortunes.

Leave fed pay and benefits alone, union says

Feds have sacrificed enough, union says.

Dot-gov Web sprawl a challenge to untangle

Reform efforts have reduced the number of government websites, but the trickiest challenges lie ahead.

9 ways the defense bill's passage could affect your job

Provisions in the 2012 defense bill include some measures that will have a big impact this year on contracting, cyber defense, intelligence and the use of cloud.

Obama signs 2012 defense bill into law

The 2012 National Defense Authorization Act receives presidential stamp of approval despite contested measures regarding controversial provision on indefinite detainment of terror suspects.

Obama signs appropriations bill

Government agencies are no longer working on short-term continuing resolutions.

Workforce spared, for now, in tax cut extension

Republican leaders in the House of Representatives announced that they would accept compromise legislation that provides a two-month extension of the payroll tax cut set to expire at the beginning of the year.

Congress funds VA-DOD project despite late request

The omnibus spending bill approved by Congress this week included full funding for a joint Veterans Affairs and Defense department project to develop a single, integrated digital medical record system for soldiers and veterans.

Defense bill threatens data center, enterprise e-mail efforts

The 2012 defense bill contains language that could block DOD-DISA partnerships in cloud and enterprise e-mail.

2012 budget: DHS wins some, loses some

The Homeland Security Department picked up money for cyber protection, but lost dollars in first-responder grants.

House passes fiscal 2012 appropriations bill

Government shutdown crisis almost over with House passage, senators say.

Deal reached to avert shutdown with only hours to spare

A late-night deal avoided a partial government shutdown, the fifth such occasion this year.

Shutdown fatigue sets in

The latest threats for a government shutdown are ringing hollow as Congress tones down the confrontation.