2013 Budget

Planning for -- and surviving -- sequestration

With sequestration possible in just a few months, experts offer tips to help managers minimize the impact of budget cuts on employees and agency missions.

House targets cybersecurity, transparency in 2013 continuing resolution

An expected spending agreement would keep the government functioning, add some funding for high-priority programs.

Sequestration clock ticks louder

Congress only has until Jan. 2, 2013, to stop the oncoming train of forced budget cuts.

New analysis estimates agency-by-agency sequestration cuts

The Professional Services Council has run some numbers on the likely cost of sequestration's first year.

Why the government isn't ready for sequestration

Only months from deadline, federal agencies are as unprepared as ever for massive budget cuts. What's the holdup?

DOD civilians, not contractors, can expect sequestration’s first punch

More than 100,000 Defense Department employees could lose their jobs to budget cuts early next year, according to a new analysis.

OMB demands agencies trim IT for 2014

New guidance requires agencies to propose IT cuts, reinvestments.

Will less federal spending really mean fewer jobs?

Conventional wisdom holds that federal budget cuts lead to less spending on contracts and, therefore, to job declines. Is that really true?

Study quantifies coming cuts in federal IT spending

As inevitable budget cuts come nearer, market research firm attempts to predict just where spending will fall the most.

Congress reaches agreement on continuing resolution

Congressional leaders begin work on drafting an agreement to keep the government operating without new spending bills.

OMB predicts economic improvement, warns against sequestration

Economic growth projected to pick up but recovery remains sluggish, according to the administration's Mid-Session Review.

Legislator hopes for productive lame-duck session

After the upcoming election, when the citizenry has chosen its new leaders, current lawmakers may finally inch toward compromise on key issues, says Virginia Congressman.

House trims, then passes, DOD spending bill

As lawmakers passed the defense appropriations bill in the late hours of July 19, they put new scrutiny on the department's spending and cut the actual amount appropriated.

Budget cuts, veto risk complicate defense appropriations bill

The House is getting ready to pass the 2013 defense appropriations bill, but the specter of sequestration -- and a possible veto -- loom over the funding plan.

Congress demands White House transparency on sequestration

As sequestration draws near, a newly passed House bill and a companion piece under Senate consideration order the Obama administration to provide details on how it plans to implement the $1.2T in forced spending cuts.

Americans overwhelmingly favor major defense cuts

Memo to DOD: Don't count on public support for avoiding budget cuts. Majorities of both parties favor DOD cuts, although they differ on just how much and exactly which programs should get trimmed, survey suggests.

CBO predicts defense cost overruns

The DOD disputes a prediction that it will overspend its budget over the next five years, but calls for Congress to allow it more freedom to take cost-cutting measures.