Academia and NonProfit

New CEO takes over at MITRE

Dr. Jason Providakes is taking over as president and CEO of MITRE, the not-for-profit organization that operates federally funded research and development centers.

Council to take leadership post at MITRE

The former VA CIO is joining MITRE as senior vice president and general manager of the group's Center for Connected Government.

Will Trump make federal IT great again?

A business school professor who studies IT spending is hopeful about the prospects for a federal tech refresh under unified government.

SEA names new president

The Senior Executive Association tapped seasoned former federal executive to lead the organization.

Army: Partnerships essential to meet future cyberthreats

For the Army to meet the cyberthreats of the future, it must forge deeper partnerships with industry and academia today.

University UAS researchers share information network with NASA

UAS researchers and NASA can see each other's drone flights via a secure data network.

Management 101: It really does work

Steve Kelman spotlights new research that shows several "best practices" do indeed measurably improve organizational performance.

Gauging North Korea's cyber operations

With reports this week of South Korea being on high alert for cyberattacks from the North, a new CSIS report examines what Kim Jong Un's regime is capable of in the digital realm.

Can the U.S. push the world to accept cyber norms?

As international cyber norms take shape at a slow pace, experts consider how individual nations can lead, follow and take matters into their own hands.

Nicholas Keshavarz-Nia

Noblis' Nicholas Keshavarz-Nia led development and deployment of an automated continuous monitoring solution that he now uses to support FedRAMP.

CMU denies working for the FBI in targeting Tor users

Carnegie Mellon University's Software Engineering Institute released a statement vaguely denying Tor's claim that the FBI paid the institute $1 million to de-anonymize users.