TSA head says more union rights coming to airport screeners

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle want the agency to resolve longstanding compensation issues for the frontline Transportation Security Administration workforce.

NDAA cyber reserve proposal revised with labor in mind

A federal employee union still has concerns about a permanent National Digital Reserve Corps at the General Services Administration.

HHS looks to reset labor relations

Some federal agencies are leveraging a Biden administration executive order to change the tone of labor-management relations but unions say a few departments aren't taking the order to heart.

Unions press SSA leaders for a new contract, workplace safety plan

Biden ousted top leaders at the Social Security Administration last month, but some union officials say more personnel change is needed further down the ladder.

White House says agencies will pay for COVID tests as needed for feds

Under a new COVID prevention regime, civilian federal employees will have to either attest to their vaccination status or get regular tests. The federal government will organize and pay for testing for feds.

Unions seek a new contract at SSA, press Biden to fire Trump holdovers

President Joe Biden reversed much of his predecessor's workforce agenda in the first days of his administration via executive order, but unions at the Social Security Administration are unhappy with the pace of implementation of new policies.

House Dems, unions pitch plan to reclassify TSA screeners

So far, Republicans haven't signed on to a plan to alter the agency's unique personnel situation. Some experts caution that there are untended consequences from a move to put TSA officers under Title 5.

AFGE presses Congress to oppose pay and hiring flexibilities for NSF

The measure, which would expand the hiring authorities of the director of the National Science Foundation, "bears a striking resemblance" to Schedule F, said AFGE national president Everett Kelley.

EPA eliminates Trump workforce orders from labor contract

The Environmental Protection Agency rolled back the clock on portions of its collective bargaining agreement on official time, union office space, grievance procedures and more.

SSA under pressure to reopen Trump-era union contract

The Social Security Administration is under fire from unions and congressional Democrats unhappy with the agency's pace in implementing the Biden administration's changes to labor-management relations, and many are seeking the ouster of the Trump-appointed agency heads.

AFGE looks to maximize two years of Democratic control on Capitol Hill

Although workplace safety is top of mind, the American Federation of Government Employees wants Congress to pursue action beyond the reversal of Trump workforce policies.

Biden clears out Trump's FSIP appointees

Federal employee groups and unions had requested that Biden remove the panel's members.

Biden repeals Schedule F, rolls back Trump-era workforce policy

An executive order also called for feds and federal contractors to receive a $15 minimum wage.

VA union claims victory in termination case

In win for the National VA Council, the Federal Labor Relations Authority dismissed the VA's exceptions to an arbitrator's award that requires it to reinstate union employees fired without performance improvement plans.

Federal panel sides with VA on union contract

The Federal Service Impasses Panel largely sided with the Department of Veterans Affairs in a contract ruling in a case between the VA and the National Veterans Affairs Council (NVAC).

AFGE touts Harris veep pick

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) has a long record supporting federal union issues and looking to check the power of government and private sector tech surveillance.

Federal court dismisses union complaint about workplace 'resistance' talk

The American Federation of Government Employees had complained an Office of Special Counsel advisory was chilling federal employees' speech.