Tech leaders urge Senate to codify PIF program

A group of entrepreneurs, coders and former officials are urging the Senate to pass legislation that would make the Presidential Innovation Fellows program a permanent fixture of government.

Trump transition names agency leads

The government-in-waiting announced a roster of landing team leaders to handle the details of the transition on an agency-by-agency basis.

Transition moves into high gear

President-elect Donald Trump's transition team has 73 days to get ready to take over the federal government.

Agencies making uneven progress in adopting HTTPS

Agencies have until the end of the year to switch their public websites to the more secure HTTPS protocol. Some are much further along than others.

Verisign gets extension on .gov duties

GSA extended Verisign as the .gov top-level domain registrar for a year while it mulls how to bid out the work.

Pentagon looks to mature Cyber Command with FY17 budget

The Defense Department fiscal 2017 budget request for cyberspace operations is $6.7 billion, a roughly 16 percent increase from fiscal 2016 enacted level.

Obama bemoans obsolete tech in budget request

The president put the federal government's portfolio of aging IT systems front and center in his final budget request to Congress.

House panel to move on IT, workforce measures

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform plans to mark up new legislation on IT security, personnel and contracting.

GOP report slams the whole government on FOIA

A new report highlights how onerous the process of obtaining government documents has become, despite the advent of electronic records.

Is there a federal CIO playbook for a militia takeover?

The armed invasion of a remote Fish and Wildlife Service building in eastern Oregon's high desert may not be a disaster for the agency's IT operations, but it could point to a gap in IT contingency planning, CIOs say.

How to manage agency budgets in real time

Here are three steps for moving from static spreadsheets to truly dynamic tools that support decision-making and mission analysis.

Congress grants the National Labs a FITARA exemption in omnibus

The $1.1 trillion spending bill includes a FITARA carve-out for the National Labs, some key appropriations for IT improvements and cybersecurity, and lumps of coal for a few problematic programs.

Agencies: Get ready to see more of OMB in 2016

The Office of Management and Budget is planning more of a hands-on approach to agencies' tech and will be updating policies and focusing on cybersecurity in the coming year.

Are agencies listening to their watchdogs?

Lawmakers quiz oversight officials about why agencies aren't taking their advice.

Continuing resolution may be needed to buy time for appropriations work

Congress may have to fund the government with a temporary spending measure while an omnibus appropriations bill is finalized.

Clock ticking on FITARA implementation

There's much to do in a short amount of time to make the IT reforms in FITARA work, leaders say.

OPM broke the rules with its breach cleanup contract, says agency watchdog

A forthcoming inspector general report will delve into how the IG says OPM violated procurement regulations with its $20 million post-breach services award to Winvale.