AI and Automation

Report: Agencies aren't fielding interactive digital forms

A law passed in 2018 requiring executive agencies to make online versions of paper-based forms used by the public, but only a few are fully compliant according to a new report.

Pilot IRS awards five scanning contracts

The IRS is using an innovative procurement program to test and deploy experimental solutions to digitize paper files as part of an agencywide effort to reduce the reliance on non-machine-readable documentation.

Bipartisan bill looks to get acquisition workforce on board with AI

The leaders of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee are looking to get the federal workforce – particularly program managers and acquisition specialists – on board with artificial intelligence.

Globally connected data can safeguard the defense industrial and technology base

Data can play a critical role in planning and ultimately protecting the nation's valuable talent, resources and supplies.

The workforce and mission arguments for modernizing human capital management systems

HCM software can help improve efficiency through self-service and automation, enable HR to better understand and address employee wellbeing and engagement, and prepare for the future while aligning people resources with the organization’s mission today.

Army tests network security, cyber tools in war games

Army officials said the Joint Warfighting Assessment exercise demonstrated that while the Army was able to create and share data across a multi-partner environment in a multi-partner network, the constructed virtual environment had its limitations.

DOD to send AI data teams to combatant commands this summer

The Defense Department wants to break AI out of the lab and send out teams of data and artificial intelligence experts in the next month to help combatant commands.

Data sharing is critical for JADC2, but reciprocity is hard to enforce

It's going to take more than a new policy to achieve the Defense Department's ultimate goal of connecting every sensor and shooter through Joint All Domain Command and Control.

JAIC feels pressure to go faster as tight budgets loom

The Defense Department’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center believes AI-driven productivity gains could become "an economic necessity."

DOD bets big on financial data to improve business performance

The Defense Department is betting that insights from its financial data will help improve its business operations, from optimizing the workforce to divesting of legacy systems.

Pentagon needs AI at every leadership level, panel recommends

Robert Work, vice chairman of the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence, called for DOD to implement a "top-down leadership" approach "to push integration of AI throughout the force."

The long road to electronic records management

A deadline looms for switching to all-digital records, but the pandemic and other developments are presenting new challenges.

Solving for DOD's AI education gap

Officials at the Pentagon's Joint Artificial Intelligence Center said the department needs to improve education to build up AI readiness while improving data collection and data standards.

ATO ASAP: Let’s finally fix the security compliance problem

The process federal agencies go through to prove a system is secure may actually be making us less secure. This is a problem that we must fix today, not tomorrow.

Pentagon awards OTA for online AI marketplace

The Joint Artificial Intelligence Center awarded an other transaction agreement to build and manage an online environment for rapid procurement of AI capabilities.

Navy's aquatic drone plan faces operational hurdles

One Navy leader explained that the technological difficulties are outstripped by the organizational challenges.

House approves plan to create AI strategy

The House approved legislation that would set a foundation for a national strategy for emerging artificial intelligence technology.