iPhone tracking: How serious is it?

The accuracy of Apple's iPhone location tracking is debatable, and it could depend on phone reception. But if you're worried, a jailbreak app can prevent tracking.

Tablet analysis: iPad to dominate for years. Or will it?

Gartner predicts that Apple's iPad will dominate the tablet market through 2015, but beware of other factors.

Are 'consumptive' tablets like the iPad just a fad?

A Microsoft exec basically called iPads a fad last week, saying there might not be "a persistent market" for "consumptive" tablets. The Mobile Platform asks: Is there really any such thing as a consumptive tablet?

iPad 2: What can it really do for your agency?

Everyone is talking about the iPad 2, but where's the killer app for government?

Please pass the peas, Mr. President

President Obama had dinner with tech luminaries, and no one tweeted.

Feds should watch Oracle lawsuit against Google

Oracle has sued Google over the use of Java in Google's Android operating system.

Can the Apple iPad get any workplace respect?

Apple's iPad tablet computer is attracting some interested glances from government

AT&T iPad data leak: Hack or hype?

Compromised data was limited to e-mail addresses, many of which are already publicly available, but authorities still plan to probe the incident.

Military, other fed iPad users compromised in AT&T hack

Military and civilian agency iPad users were among the thousands whose data was exposed in a recent successful hack of AT&T's Web site.

Data mining

iPad cuts into apps development; transparency efforts reduce FOIA requests, experts fear a cyberattack is imminent.

iPad: 10 reasons feds should be eager

The GCN Lab finds 10 reasons why feds will love the iPad, starting with a couple of things it doesn't have.

iPad: 10 reasons feds should be wary

The GCN Lab has offered 10 reasons(plus a bonus reason) why iPads would be good for government use. But what's right for one user isn't always right for another. So here are 10 reasons why government employees might want to take a pass.

Will influx of iPads cripple wireless networks?

The release of Apple's iPad will add another flood of wireless-ready devices to the demand for wireless connectivity, and at least one government official fears that the proliferation of gadgets could bog down wireless networks.

iEnvy: Do BlackBerry users need an iPad?

The apps available for Apple's sleek new iPad have many BlackBerry-carrying feds drooling, but BlackBerry also offers a robust, if lesser-known, app store, says GCN Lab Director John Breeden.

Think you want an iPad? Read this first!

Everyone seems to want an iPad, but is it worth it? Early reviews paint a muddled picture of iPad's pros and cons.