Authentication or Identity Management

Government at high risk of economic espionage

With cyber theft and other crime on the rise, agencies must get aggressive in defense, according to the GAO.

FBI plans iris scan database

The FBI is expanding its old fingerprint database to include additional physical recognition factors.

TSA reporting on security breaches has gaps, IG says

The Transportation Security Administration is not consistently documenting its security breaches at airports, according to a new audit.

NIST tests accuracy in iris recognition for identification

Report quantifies accuracy, speed in iris-recognition algorithms.

Bring your device, but don't forget security

A new survey finds that BYOD can expose agencies to security risks in a big way.

DHS travel authorization system allows thousands to slip through cracks

The Homeland Security Department electronic system for registering foreign visitors from visa waiver program countries allows thousands of noncompliant visitors each year, according to a GAO official.

DARPA's advice on passwords: Dump 'em.

The agency's Active Authentication program would use behaviorial traits rather than passwords.

FISMA continues to challenge

Ten years after it first passed, FISMA continues to frustrate agencies trying to comply with its requirements.

IG faults Energy Department for not fully implementing HSPD-12

The Energy Department has not fully met the requirements for physical and access control credentials, according to a new report from the OIG.

A better approach to biometrics

Reusing proven SOA-based biometric solutions can reduce costs and delivery time, write two Unisys executives.

Seven states lag on death reporting

Electronic systems at the state level could make the SSA's death records could be more accurate and timely.

Feds encourage tech companies to create ID management 'ecosystem'

The federal government wants to be a facilitator and eventual customer of ID management solutions created by the private sector, according to Howard Schmidt, cybersecurity coordinator for the Obama administration.

Step up Social Security number protection, OIG says

While the number of replacement Social Security cards has decreased, the number of less-secure printouts SSA distributes has increased, auditors find.

Cybersecurity expert Richard Clarke lands new gig

Former presidential adviser Richard A. Clarke joins security firm Identive Group.

Cybersecurity expert Richard Clarke lands new gig

Former presidential adviser Richard A. Clarke joins security firm Identive Group.

SSA has gaps in e-authentication of identities, auditors say

The Social Security Administration is falling short on meeting requirements for authenticating identities online, says a new federal audit.