Battlespace IT

Army defends progress in acquisition reform

Army officials say acquisition reform efforts are already yielding dividends, particularly in fielding networked capabilities.

DOD's Android effort begins to bear fruit

DOD's embrace of the Android operating system is just getting started. How did it begin?

DARPA commissioning ad-hoc smart phone network

DARPA and SAIC are set to develop a new mobile ad-hoc network for smart phone use.

Defense IT: Preparing for the worst and other survival strategies in 2012

Although everyone will feel the pain of budget cuts in the days ahead, some areas of defense IT will fare better than others.

Air Force planning ahead for cyber future

With a new RFI, the Air Force looks into the future of cyberspace operations.

Marines prep for combat support with simulation

At Camp Pendleton's Battle Simulation Center, Marines are tested in operational support using simulation tools that recreate combat.

DOD looks to unconventional methods in fight against IEDs

The U.S. military's counter-IED agency is focusing on intelligence and robotics in the continuing fight against a critical threat to soldiers' lives.

Army expanding, experimenting with tablets

The Army is building on the popularity of smart phones in the field with further testing and expansion of the use of tablets for a range of applications.

Army’s new network strategy is changing the way it fights

Col. John Morrison discusses the Army's new integrated networking strategy and how it's helping the Army keep up with the constantly evolving requirements of modern warfare.

New NASA program furthers space exploration

NASA recommits to U.S. leadership in space exploration.

Navy to dismantle James Bond spy ship

The stealth ship inspired a villain's vessel in the James Bond film "Tomorrow Never Dies."

Army could ditch robots for mules

Pack-bearing robots aren't working out in tests, so the Army is considering a return to a proven older method.

Army overhauls network strategy

The Army must have a network that is flexible enough to meet constantly changing requirements and emerging technologies, officials say.

Air Force budget would save on IT, other areas

Although the Air Force's budget is smaller for fiscal 2012, savings gained through efficiency measures will be applied to readiness and modernization, official says.

Army's budget focuses on modernization, includes IT programs

Army's proposed budget emphasizes force maintenance and modernization.

Space policy sets rules for the final frontier

The new National Security Space Strategy outlines how the U.S. government will manage its space industrial base, defend its space assets and share space-based resources with allies.

iPhones, commercial satellites prominent in joint DOD exercise

The Defense Department interoperability exercise stresses flexible networking and new uses for existing technology.