Worried about the bills?

No, not those; we mean the legislative kind. The ones that target the federal workforce.

Whoa, what a week!

Trying to boil down readers’ reactions to the recent spate of legislation calling for pay freeze extensions and cutbacks on federal retirement benefits might be best expressed by a quote frequently uttered by Popeye the Sailor (right before he blew his top) …

Congress targets its retirement benefits--or maybe not

A half dozen or so members of the House are looking at ways to cut their own retireement benefits. Or are they?

Leave fed pay and benefits alone, union says

Feds have sacrificed enough, union says.

Workforce spared, for now, in tax cut extension

Republican leaders in the House of Representatives announced that they would accept compromise legislation that provides a two-month extension of the payroll tax cut set to expire at the beginning of the year.

Will the Senate save feds from a pay freeze extension?

Senate Democrats pledge to vote down bill that passed the House.

Retirement—is it time to run for the hills?

For years, those who watch the federal government have predicted that a “retirement tsunami” would hit the federal workplace when the Baby Boomers started to reach retirement age. Don't look now, but ...

'Socialytics' to become tech trend in 2012

Analysts predict 2012 will see more focus on mobility and social media use in federal agencies.

Union to supercommittee: Don't take it out on us

A coalition representing 4.6 million federal and postal workers and annuitants has sent a letter to the deficit reduction supercommittee urging the panel to reject proposals that would put further strains on the federal workforce.

Slash congressional salaries!

Federal Daily readers love to rant that members of Congress should start with cuts to their own salary before touching agency budgets, and one Virginia representative has a plan related to that sentiment.

Does your teleworkers' OT cost you?

Rules about overtime and comp time are not usually stipulated in today's federal telework arrangements.

The great downsizing has begun

Who out there thinks they will recognize the federal workforce a year from now?

FAA employees would get back pay under new bill

A House member has introduced a bill to provide back pay and benefits to furloughed Federal Aviation Administration employees.

Hooray, the debt ceiling has been raised!

Now comes the hard part.

Federal Coach: Debt ceiling uncertainty for federal workers

Once again federal employees must keep plowing ahead with their jobs as they wait for the proverbial shoe to drop.

Minn. government shutdown expected to end soon

The longest state government shutdown in recent history is finally coming to an end. But, at the federal level, the debt ceiling debate rages on and creates uncertainty for federal employees.

Debt ceiling debate renews fears for feds

If the debt ceiling debate isn't settled soon, federal employees could face furloughs or holds on their salaries and benefits.