Big Data

Big data: How much is enough?

Everybody's talking about big data, but is it possible to have too much of a good thing? GSA's acting administrator thinks it might just be.

4 crucial steps to manage data

Before you can develop strategies to manage data retention, you have to know what you have and where it is, writes columnist Jim McGann.

Big data presents unique challenges to agencies

Taming the data deluge is a challenge itself but it presents different problems depending on whether you're a government agency or a private-sector business.

Federal IT forecast: Brace for impact

Sequestration and other hurdles pose challenges for federal IT, but it's not all bad news.

Big data commission set up to aid agencies

IBM and SAP execs will co-chair a group whose goal is to improve the use of big data.

Tips for the digital government strategy

The new digital government strategy might be overwhelming, but agencies are beginning to sort it out and offer advice.

White House reinforces mobile initiative

Obama directs agencies to implement a new intiative to help citizens more easily access government information and services on their mobile devices.

GSA goes big with big data provides data sets and tools.

Are agencies ready to make the most of big data?

Agencies want to leverage the possibilities that come with big data, but many lack the ability to do so.

Federal IT pay stagnant, but still higher than industry -- or is it?

Government IT workers see compensation decrease.

Cloud could squeeze even more savings, says survey

New estimates indicate agencies could save significantly more with cloud computing than they already are.

How cloud storage could catch up with big data

Erasure coding is emerging as a cost-effective way to safely maintain vast amounts of data in the cloud.

Big data trends taking shape

Government should follow the private sector's lead in making use of big data but focus on improving performance and efficiency "with less effort and pain," GSA's Dave McClure told a Washington audience.