Despite public concerns, facial recognition gets traction in Congress

While some legislators questioned the accuracy and bias found in some government systems, both Republicans and Democrats endorsed the broad thrust and goals of DHS' screening programs.

Lawmakers seek answers on HUD's use of facial recognition

Responding to press accounts, a group of lawmakers want to know if the Department of Housing and Urban Development is supporting the use of biometric surveillance in public housing properties.

CBP walks back facial recognition for citizens

The reversal took place after "consultation with Congress and privacy experts," a Customs and Border Protection spokesman says.

TSA kicks off facial recognition trial in Las Vegas airport

The Transportation Security Administration is testing its ability to match live photos of air passengers with travel documents using a proprietary algorithmic system.

Small business cuts coming amid NBIB merger

The Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency, which is absorbing National Background Investigations Bureau expects to combine contracting offices and staff, while shrinking small business goals.

TSA looks to automate and upgrade security tech

Transportation Security Administration officials want to make good on old priorities to improve technology at airport security checkpoints.

DHS pushes on centralizing access to biometric data

DHS is looking for contractors to help develop, integrate and implement capabilities for a host of software systems, that collect biometric and share biometric data.

Hackers swipe traveler photos from CBP subcontractor

Customs and Border Protection acknowledged that images of travelers and license plates collected under its authority were stolen in a breach of a subcontractor's network.

Are federal facial recognition programs supported by existing law?

Some members of Congress say law enforcement agencies are relying on decades-old laws to justify use of facial recognition tech.

CBP deploys facial recognition at the southern border

The facial recognition system widely deployed at U.S. airports is identifying alleged imposters at border crossings as well.

DOJ preps major push around ID management

The Department of Justice is gearing up to build an extensive identity and access management portfolio for employees and contractors over the next three years.

Should government expand its ID proofing role?

There's momentum in the public and private sectors behind an idea to expand government's role in validating digital identities.

CAC is staying around for a while

Defense Department CIO Dana Deasy said DOD is keeping the common access card, but is open to modernizing ID management.

CBP's airport facial recognition system nabs first imposter

A new biometric ID entry system that just finished testing has winnowed out its first alleged imposter at Dulles International Airport.

Airport biometric tech advances under CBP

Ongoing tests of an entry/exit verification system based on facial recognition technology are proceeding at U.S. airports.

A new role for government in ID proofing

A new trade group, the Better Identity Coalition, wants government to assume a stronger role in validating online identity.

Data gap in immigration systems could keep families separated

If the just-suspended border separation policy is ever resumed, officials may have to confront the fact that disparate immigration systems are not equipped to handle the reunification of separated families.