Business Support Systems or Quality Metrics

Data analytics gains momentum in agencies

A new study by the Association of Government Accountants highlights federal agency use of data analytics, and suggests more gains are possible.

Can DOD handle its business?

DOD has long been troubled by poor financial management, but 2012 could be the year it turns itself around.

DOD puts its acquisition procedures under a microscope

DOD is taking a multi-faceted approach to overhauling the way it buys goods and services in the face of dwindling funds.

The fix for fraud that government isn't using

Continuous Transaction Analytics technology might help government in its war on waste, but an industry insider says not enough agencies use it -- or even know about it.

OPM renews attack on processing backlog

OPM chief calls delays "unacceptable," pledges to make issue his top priority.

GSA demands security plans from IT companies

Companies now must submit an IT security plan to GSA.

'Shared First' could limit IT choices to gain efficiencies

The government can be more efficient and less redundant if agencies share services, OMB believes.

IG faults IT management as a major challenge at DHS

DHS Acting Inspector General Charles Edwards provides a comprehensive overview of nine major management concerns at the department.

What makes an IT acquisition work?

GAO uncovered nine common characteristics in a number of successful IT acquisitions from across the government.

DOD correcting mismanagement of financial records

DOD officials are reforming the way spending is accounted for, according to department Comptroller Robert Hale.

4 lessons in the use of dashboards

Columnist John Kamensky shares new insights into how dashboards can help agencies boost program performance.

DOD focuses on IT for financial reform

The Defense Department is employing IT systems as a major strategy for financial management reform.

Crowdsourcing knowledge management

Steve Kelman wonders why Google lacks a "like" button.

Kundra's parting gift? 10 lessons in IT management

Vivek Kundra, the outgoing federal CIO, gives a House subcommittee lessons on IT management.

OMB: Financial systems modernizations are back in business

An administration official said the financial system projects that were frozen a year ago are moving forward again.

Government said lagging on anti-fraud technologies

Daniel Werfel, controller of the Office of Federal Financial Management, says his "jaw dropped" when he first visited the Recovery and Transparency Board's sophisticated fraud-detection operation.