What to look for in DOD's coming spectrum strategy

Interoperability, integration and JADC2 are likely to figure into an updated electromagnetic spectrum strategy expected soon from the Department of Defense.

How the Army is girding for electronic warfare

As the risks of EW attacks multiply, the Army's C5ISR Center is developing new tools for testing and hardening its battlefield systems.

Army sets up 'provisional' cloud management office

Army CIO Lt. Gen. Bruce Crawford said the service has begun to set up an enterprise cloud management office and hired a leader.

Army preps for high-tech radio upgrade

As part of the service's 10-year network modernization plan, the Army Network Cross Functional Team will begin pushing solutions for its integrated tactical network starting in fiscal 2020 with deliverables beginning in 2021.

Army rethinks network design

Leaders of the Army's Network Cross-Functional Team highlighted a two-year plan to design a new integrated tactical network through experiment and rapid prototyping.

Army looks at redefining its classified networks

Army leaders hope to modernize mobile networks through secure but unclassified pathways.

House panel hammers Army CIO over request to reprogram 2018 funds

The Army is seeking to realign funds for network modernization, but Congress wants to know what's wrong with the systems it already paid for.

IOC just a first step for Cyber Mission Force

The 133 Cyber Mission Force teams called for in DOD's Cyber Strategy have reached initial operating capability, but the U.S. military is still a long way from being able to dominate the cyber domain.

USMC wrestles with responsibility of owning network

Three years since taking ownership of its computer network, the Marine Corps is still playing catch up in training its acquisition personnel.

Can science and technology defeat Colombian drug cartels?

U.S. Southern Command is looking to DOD's science and technology communities to help in counter-narcotics operations in the jungles of South America.

Budget, personnel cuts forcing Air Force to refocus priorities

The Air Force must overcome a number of challenges it faces in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, including dealing with data and training.

DOD looks to unconventional methods in fight against IEDs

The U.S. military's counter-IED agency is focusing on intelligence and robotics in the continuing fight against a critical threat to soldiers' lives.

Air Force job cuts revealed

Details are beginning to emerge on which Air Force installations will be hardest hit by civilian jobs cuts related to the service's restructuring effort.

Military officials warn against cutting DOD's budget

Lawmakers have proposed more than $800 billion in defense cuts, but DOD leaders warned of serious consequences to technological and military readiness.

A mandate to innovate in intelligence analysis

Federal 100 award winner Lt. Col. Al Di Leonardo ran a start-up operation that has given intelligence analysts a faster, more reliable way to process data.

Air Force budget would save on IT, other areas

Although the Air Force's budget is smaller for fiscal 2012, savings gained through efficiency measures will be applied to readiness and modernization, official says.

Mobile relay system takes air combat training to sea

New mobile technology for the Navy and Marine Corps makes the TCTS air combat training system "rangeless," allowing for advanced training over water.