Fake Twitter accounts bedevil politicos

Political info becomes suspect as fake Twitter feeds spread false or negative information about candidates and incumbents.

SETI stops listening for alien signals

The radio telescope array that was scanning the skies for signals from alien civilizations has stopped listening.

Teri Takai leaves CIO job open

With the departure of former California CIO Teri Takai to be DOD's CIO, the floodgates have opened for new candidates who have a handle on IT strategy.

Should federal employees lose their mobile phones?

California Gov. Jerry Brown is taking state-provided mobile phones away from about half of the state employees who currently have them. Should the federal government follow suit?

Governor takes cell phones away from employees

California Gov. Jerry Brown, saying he doesn't see why most state employees need cell phones on the job, has issed an order to collect half of the 96,000 state-issued phones, in a move designed to save $20 million.

HHS sweetens the pot for states building health exchanges

The Health and Human Services Department announced a grant program that will fund up to five states or consortiums to build exchanges that HHS hopes will serve as models for other states.